CJ Gable on Collaros......please read

For the record.....

CJ Gable as quoted by Drew Edwards following practice yesterday (Thursday):

"Everybody is trying to blame him and make it seem like it’s his fault. It feels like everybody is going off on him,? Gable said. “It’s a team. Everybody is responsible for the losses, not him. It’s annoying. If you say it’s his fault then clearly you don’t know football. Clearly."

Maybe that will add something legitimate to the Collaros discussions.

Actually, for a guy that's 0 for last 11 starts, he has gotten a tonne of unwavering support from the whole organization and I would say most fans. If you keep doing the same thing over again and expect different results than you are not to realistic. It is a quarterback driven league. CJ has seen the good Zac but what about the new guys?


That is exactly my reaction after I read today that Austin will still be calling the plays tonight and "execution" is what is needed to win.

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Actually the pic was in response to the same "Collaros is 0-11 blah blah blah" I read from the same 3 posters at every waking moment.


But just in case we happen to lose again............ :o :-[

You forgot to include the last part of CJ's quote. I'm sure a lot folks on this board can relate.

“I feel like a lot of people are turning their backs on us.?

I'm driving 2 1/2 hours, each way, spending $140.00 on seats, plus parking, meals, and probably a beer and treats. How am I turning my back by expecting a solid 60 minute effort from 44 players?

Year after year same old thing, what does he expect.

Absolutely correct! The paying fans deserve to see a team well coached and one that performs. I don't think teams that only win 50% of their games are good teams. That being said where are we now and why? The eastern conference is a joke.

I don't believe I named anyone, but if you think it was a reference to you personally, I guess you'll have to sort out those feelings.

Heard Austin on the radio, give me a break >:(
Excuses, excuses.
Still hope after 11.
Bring in Masoli.

You'll get relief after tonight 0 and 12 .