CJ Gable not available for Labour Day

Looks like it won't be just some fans in the upper west stands that miss the Labour Day Classic!

According to Coach Austin via Steve Milton on Twitter, (sorry I can't link right now) ... CJ won't be available for the Labour Day Game against Toronto.

I assume it'll be Mossis Madu again, who I felt held his own against Calgary quite well, save for a fumble after receiving a hellacious hit.

im ok wih Magic Madu. if we actually ran the ball i'd be more upset that CJ wont play

8) I would at some point like to see Sam Ojuri get his chance in the backfield.
   He has great credentials coming out of N. Dakota State, and is a real speedster and good receiver out of the backfield.

   Of course Madu  is much more familiar  with Austins offence at this point in time.

I’m confused. What do these traits have to do with blocking? :wink:

Why would this matter? They run the ball occasionally and most importantly very poor at best. Name a Tiger Cat who has won a rushing award in the past 15 years?

Troy Davis - 2004. Lead the league in rushing yards.

But I agree with you, the loss of Gable isn't all that impactful because he was neglected nearly every week.

Pretty sad statstic considering a balanced attack is difficult to stop. Another sad situation the rookie qb runs the ball far better than the running back and he is gone for the season. What other drama is going to come from this team? Austin got fired in Toronto for what?

cant be a good injury if they already know he wont be available for Labour day.

Treating the running game like an annoying nuisance.

8) Yes, you're right Jordan, if you can't block, Austin doesn't want you !!! :lol:

Well you know our running game is pretty bad when our injured QB LeFevour was our leading rusher.

What ever happened to Prime the guy in training at fullback to replace Dellahunt at that position, with our QB's dropping like flies on this team, Condel needs to go back to basics on offence and that starts with a good rush, good blocking and using your tall receivers like Fantuz and Grant as Tight Ends, pick away at the defence and keep them on edge, instead of throwing wide out passes that go No where or over the middle passes for interceptions.