CJ Gable- Injury?

What's the status of this player, no info on the scratching post? I'm sure we will find out today :?

Last I heard was shoulder injury. Havent heard anything about if he is good to go for next week though.

A post in another thread yesterday stated it was a separated or dislocated shoulder and, depending on the severity, time off could be a few weeks to the season.

Sad about Gable one of the best players on the team. We sure as hell need a running game urgently not somebody to just fill in but a player that can take the ball up the field. I wonder what the coach has planed. :cowboy:

I want to know who he has lathed...


Madu was on the 1 game injury list,
I have a feeling he will be in if Gable can't play.

planed, lathed, and/or jointed?

I've got a feeling that CJ could be done for the year,and if Madu can't go then "Houston we have a problem" Right now the team has three running backs listed on the PR: Jeff Scott 5' 7" 165lbs from Ole Miss(not very big in size compared to Gable and Madu) Sam Ojuri 6' 202lbs from N.Dakota (biggest back available of the three) and Cdn Bo Palmer 5'9" 190 lbs fom Simon Fraser all have virtually no game experience and frankly I don't think that Scott or Palmer have the size to absorb the pounding that playing regularly at the position does to ones body. If I was going to activate one of the three it would probably be Ojuri who is a lot bigger than the other two and has more impressive college stats plus I think he has been here longer than the other two. I would think that if Austin decides to promote two of them to the active roster that Palmer due to his passport would get the nod as he wouldn't affect the ratio as much as activating another import and deleting one elsewhere on the roster.

http://www.ticats.ca/roster/show/id/7489 http://www.ticats.ca/roster/show/id/7427 http://www.ticats.ca/roster/show/id/5875

Yes, but Ojuri would be replacing two imports...

My guess if Gable if is out for a few weeks, is that Austin would pull one RB from the PR. It's possible that Madu won't be sidelined long - may even start this week - but I'd be surprised if KA didn't add another RB to the active roster especially after having to scramble in Saturday night's game. Ojuri was signed in mid-July, Palmer late August and Scott of course just last week, so of the three Ojuri has had the longest to become familiar with the team and offense. Guess we'll find out what the plan is when they begin practice this week.

Must be a good National fullback out there to run the draws, screens swing passes and block :cowboy:

He was in a sling after the game. That says either separated shoulder or broken collarbone. I'd say his season is probably over, perhaps he could come back in the playoffs at the earliest.

This is a big loss, very unfortunate.

News we all feared (hope I'm wrong)

He's been put on the 6 Game injury list. Hope for a quick recovery and a solid 2015 season from Mr. Gable

Another post reports he has been placed on the 6 game injury list.

crap.. hows Magic Madu coming along

Sounds like he practised a little today and is going to be good to go on Saturday. Fingers crossed, all speculation I guess at the moment.

Madu practiced today

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 6m
Tasker here but not practicing. Madu is.

We are fortunate that Madu is a very capable replacement

perfect. the coaches better have him in bubble wrap