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This pic is cutoff. See the whole pic at the above link

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Amazing shot from 1930's Empire Games opening ceremonies! Taken from the roof of the old school; looking northeast.

In looking closer, though, I found that SkyDome never had anything on us!

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I'm assuming that pic was taken from the roof of the old Prince of Wales school, also torn down and replaced by a boring new school?

Yes, nice! and for the new stadium they should go to this site and see if they can build a larger patio retractable awning for both stands. They have them with a remote.


Thanks…never saw a photo of the Empire Games in the stadium before.


Percy winning his preliminary heat of the 100-yard dash at the Empire Games, Hamilton, August 23, 1930

Is that King George school on Gage Ave?

Prince of Wales school behind the Wales sign!

At the first British Empire Games (now Commonwealth Games) in Hamilton, Ontario, there were only 11 countries. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland participated as separate countries. Other participants were Bermuda, British Guiana, Canada, Newfoundland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand sent a team of 22 which brought home three gold, four silver and two bronze medals.
And check out a newsreel here

Percy Williams in the summer of 1930, at the time of the Canadian National Championships and the Empire Games. This would be the year he set a new world record for the 100 metres.
Percy, grimacing in pain from a torn muscle, breasts the tape in first to win the 100-yard final in the Empire Games, Hamilton, August 23, 1930.
...likely taken at the British Empire Games in Hamilton in August 1930, Percy standing in front of the Prince of Wales School where he and the other athletes were housed.

M. M. Robinson wearing the official blazer uniform at the first British Empire Games in Hamilton, 1930

The first British Empire Games, now called Commonwealth Games, were held in Hamilton, Ontario, August 16th to 23rd, 1930. Melville Marks (Bobby) Robinson of the Hamilton Spectator conceived the idea of the games in the spring of 1928. Mr. Robinson, with the support of his associates in the Hamilton Olympic Club, members of the Hamilton City Council and Parks Board, and some of the leading business men of Canada, was able to bring the Games to Hamilton.

In 1920 M. M. Robinson bought Fred Blessinger's 23-acre farm on Maple Avenue. His farm manager was Alex Barnes, a Mohawk who lived on the farm with his family. Barnes retired to a house at 1043 Greenwood Drive in 1957. M. M.'s daughter Edna and the Barnes children attended S. S. # 14 School on Maple Avenue.

1963 Tiger-Cats vs. Rough Riders

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July 1959, the Queen and the mayor

Great research Captain,great historical shots,can't help but notice #26 and #68 in 63 pic.

59 pic,really shows how much farther the dugout and sideline wall was back then.

And, great shot of Lizzy checking out the Taj-Ma-Hamilton!

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Outstanding photos,
By rebuilding the Stadium on the same hallowed ground of past Ticats and historical events carries this same storied history into our brand new Stadium, it really could not be carried forward in any other way.
Somehow the Canadian Football Hall of Fame must find its way over to the Stadium precinct also.

This is a 1944 proposal for a 6,000-seat arena at King Street and Melrose Avenue

In 1946, the most ambitious proposal for a Hamilton hockey arena was put forth. Still at the corner of King and Melrose, this 10,000-seat arena was also part of a plan to acquire a National Hockey League farm club.

After four years of debate and discussion, by 1950 the facility cost was up to $2,750,000, but was to include not only a rink but an auditorium, gymnasium, and retail stores. It was to be known as the Hamilton Civic Centre.

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View of the dias with Mayor Lloyd. D. Jackson standing beside Princess Elizabeth.

Well, the Rogers Centre now has a statue, having something on us some might say, but perhaps the wrong statue as this writer suggests:

Rogers statue at Rogers Centre is bush league: DiManno :Ted Rogers was a visionary — in radio, TV, cable and wireless communications, but not a baseball luminary

There’s every chance that, at some future date, the club will be sold again or another facility built to replace what has so quickly become an obsolete stadium — last of the doughnuts, before baseball parks went retro. So maybe Rogers, the statue, will go walk about. He really does belong at the heart of his empire, which is on Ted Rogers Way, not 1 Blue Jays Way.

[url=] ... manno.html[/url]

Who might be the iconic person for the new stadium here in Hamilton? Who knows.