City Tv Bills Coverage

I bleed Black & Gold but find it simply unacceptable, the amount of live coverage City TV is giving for the Bills Party on Wednesday night.

On this one issue, we must all agree the Blue Team are a cornerstone of this league and the lack of coverage they got from the media of their own city is simply unacceptable. What an embarrassment


Agreed it’s absolutley ridiculous. The only thing more ridiculous are the people that buy in to this b.s… However most people in the golden horseshoe are lead around like bulls on a ring.

City TV's mandate has always been to hype whatever is going on in Toronto, with no interest in the ramifications of whatever it is they're hyping. You can't expect them to ignore this.

From what little I watched of it, the crowd was made up of kids who were there for the free music. Not many footabll fans there from what I could see.

I do agree though that for a so-called community tv station, they don't give much coverage to the Argos. That they telecast a concert to hype the Bills game really ticks me off.

An Argo-Cat fan

This shouldn't come as a big surprise. Rogers Communications bought CityTV last year.

Way to go, CRTC...

The Bought all of Chum LTD

Media these days doesn't really reflect the interest or opinions of the great-unwashed. There are almost always vested interests at stake.
So, one might be lead to believe that there is enough interest in these games to warrant a big concert and televised pep rally of sorts. But there isn't.

Fact is, the Rogers contingent is simply leveraging their properties and, essentially, using it as one long ad. Personally, this is where I wish the CRTC had the teeth to step in.

This was a promotional event for the game. So, that was a 60 minute (or however long that broadcast was -- I didn't watch a second of it) commercial. Violating the rules of 12 minutes (or whatever its been relaxed to) per hour.

At the very least, this illustrates that real freedom of the press, and public-serving media, is very, very rare.

Mostly kids as barney said for Hedley. And I doubt that many of these kids, lots of girls, are football fans of any variety.
Very few football-looking fans there I would say. At least they were saying 'party' and 'event', not celebration like a City TV news article earlier in the week. I still can't stop laughing at that article calling this a 'celebration', Phil Lind probably wrote the article I'm sure. :lol:

Here we are on the day of what could be the biggest football bust ever in the big smoke of TO. The media calls this the NFL experiment when it is just a bought and paid for Ted Rogers big top circus event. So what ! Good luck to all those who spent big bucks to go. Heres hoping you get your monies worth lol . As I see it the only way to rid us of this is to have these games let them fail and then go away. Theres no air of excitement only staged crap that isnt worth the effort of my chanell switching finger. Go CATS !!!

Now I am not for the whole “Bills in Toronto” thing, but how many of you live in Toronto?

Just wondering.

The only thing Rogers really dropped the ball on was charging too much for the most expensive seats, especially for a pre-season game. But all of the upper-level seats sold-out a long time ago, so the fan interest is there.

But it terms of the other events surrounding the game, I think it has been pretty good, bringing in old Steelers and Bills to meet fans, free concerts, media hype, advertising, and parties all over town.

The bottom line is corporate sponsors love the NFL, as do most casual sports fans because of the atmosphere surrounding the games.

I have a favourite NFL team, do all of you? I bet most people in Canada do as well. You can hate it all you want, but it’s not going away any time soon.

And yes, Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

ps. I am not a Bills or Steelers fan.

See your point. Look, basically Rogers and company have bought an NFL team with this $78 mill 5 year deal, if not the Bills then they will absolutely get an expansion franchise. This isn't the archaic Bettman NHL here, if the money is there by Rogers, Tanenbaum then they will get a team, I think it's that simple. They put up $78 mill and the NFL will not forget this, helping the Bills out first hand.

But remember, neither myself or anyone else has to support the Bills in Toronto experiment despite it being successful there, all the power to them but I will not be part of it. My party will be going to the Grey Cup game every so often, that's where my money will be spent.

78 million to the NFL is spare change, and will be forgotten as fast as yesterdays news. My fears of the NFL in Toronto have faded, due to the fact that so much work as had to be done in selling the event, as well I am sure tonight when paying customers find out thier seating beside freebys there will be some fallout from that. I have talked this game up with as many people as I could and I do find a great big lack of interest overall. There is so much road to travel before the NFL has a home in Toronto,


The Mainstream Media is a dinosaur grasping for air. Bias, vested interests, commercialization, and irrelevance are eroding any stake it once had.

People need to turn the television off and critical thinking skills on. It was an interesting ride, but the golden age of television should be soon past us.

one thing you have to realize is that the only reason 95% of the people were there was because of Hedley. the average aga last night must of been 20

What age group is impressionable and has loads of expendable income?

  • paul

Sportsnet caters more to the younger crowd I think than TSN. Which is fine, no problem. So do beer companies. It does make some financial sense. But I'm not young anymore, darn it! So I'm a bit more critical in my thinking now.

Toronto will get an NFL team at some point if this group keeps pressing and keeps handing out money like this. But someone messed up on the Skydome/RC. I guess we have to thank the Jays for that really, if the Jays weren't around and they built a more football-specific stadium with a retractable roof that sat 65,000, they might already have an NFL team.

8) Well, things are no better on the radio airwaves either !! I listened to the Fan590 and their 20 minute update this morning at 11:40 am and their headline story was of course all the NFL hype of tonights game !!
 What really shocked me and disgusted me was at no time during this sports update was the CFL and tonights game with Hamilton and Winnipeg even mentioned at all !!!!!

 Now I realize that the Fan 590 is also owned by Ted Rogers, but they are supposed to be the official voice of the Argos.  

 I think that is just a little bit pathetic, and also a real slap in the face to the Argos and the CFL as a whole !!                <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Crap. I think Argo fans have to be some of the best sports fans in Canada really with having to put up with this crap. It just makes me more and more want to never spend a dime in that Rogers Centre for anything but CFL football. And actually that's the way it's been with me for some years now.

That is sad, but predictable from the Rogers Empire. Hoggie mustn't be impressed either.

8) You're exactly right Earl !!!