City Of Montreal gives the OK for Stadium expansion

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The Montreal Alouettes are pleased with the revised bylaw on the Percival Molson Stadium expansion project. The organization has been working for the past several weeks on developing long-term solutions to the concerns expressed by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal and residents of the Milton Park area.

The first meeting of the advisory committee, created to monitor the work and made up of neighbourhood residents and representatives of McGill University, the City of Montreal, local police forces and the Montreal Alouettes, reinforced the organization’s optimism about the possibility of finding solutions that will meet the expectations of everyone concerned.

“We are ready to work quickly to make the changes to our project stipulated by the new bylaw,? said Montreal Alouettes President and Chief Executive Officer Larry Smith. “As we previously pledged we would do, we played an active role in the development of some of these measures and we are very happy to continue the open and positive dialogue we have been having with neighbourhood residents as a result of the creation of this advisory committee.?

Following this first meeting, Montreal Alouettes management asked the City of Montreal to install a physical barrier, such as an earth median, along the centre of Pine Avenue from Park Avenue to University Street to prevent spectators from crossing the street on game nights. This solution, impossible to implement safely at the present time because of the overly large flow of fans converging on the stadium’s Pine Avenue entrance, will be achievable with the move of the main entrance to Park Avenue. The addition of a physical barrier will then minimize spectators’ movement through residential streets surrounding the stadium, directing them instead toward the area’s major roadways.

Also in line with recommendations by the Office de consultation publique and neighbourhood residents, the Alouettes will plant more trees over a much larger wooded area, raising the ratio of trees replaced to 2.5 from 2, as required by the bylaw. And the organization will plant 500 new shrubs as well.

“In addition to implementing these new measures, we will be lowering the video board and concealing it with greenery in order to maintain the quality of the landscape year-round,? Mr. Smith concluded. “It is because we are very attached to this neighbourhood and to Mount Royal that the Montreal Alouettes are making every effort to ensure that the Percival Molson Stadium expansion is done in an environmentally respectful way.?

All documents submitted by the Montreal Alouettes are available on the Office de consultation publique de Montréal website at:

That is great news for the Als and their fans Congradualtions! Now the team just has to put away those pests in blue and gold!

Awesome! Great news ... I'm really glad to hear that.

All I can say is that its about time Montréal’s city officials finally came around and OK’d this next expansion project. I just hope those new seats (which looks like they’ll replace the temp bleachers in the east end zone) will be more comfortable than those steel bench planks laid ontop of concrete in the north stands. rubbing his tuckas in memory of the August 3rd game

Lets hope this great news helps motivate the Al's out of there slump.

excellect that Phase 2 has finally been aproved, and at the risk of making myself look like an idoit, I'm assuming that the Al's have, or will be getting the money for it by the City or other outlets?

if that's the case, then the profits generated by the 2008 Grey Cup can maybe go to more renevations like Phase 3.

Well... that's another thing that could bring the machine a couple of steps back.

The Als need 27 millions to expand the stadium. They will invest 4 and ask the three level of government to provide the remaining 23. That's a freakin' lot.

I expect the municipal government to add its share to the pot. But provincial and federal governements are a big question mark in my head.

Great news, nice to see the Als and governments working to make things happen. And I will be at the GC there in 2008 regardless of who is playing and maybe, as mentioned, some of the profits from this can be shared around as needed.

Very good news I went there once do not remember it though. I think I had fun.

I'm going to 2008 GC as well.

Isn’t the Montreal budget something like 400 millions in the red ?? How the heck are they gonna give money on this…oh yeah…I remember…it’s called taxes…

I sure wouldn’t want to be a home owner in Montreal when next year’s property taxes comes in !!

Im happy Montreal is getting the 2nd tier to their stadium, but it always feels a little weird to me that a team owned by an American is getting 25 milion in government money to build a stadium so he can take any profits back to New York.

who cares if it gives 25,000 montrealers / canadians enjoyment 9 games a year?

Mind you the stadium is owned by the University. So I would hope they will also be using it for events.

Actually the money would go to McGill who owns the stadium.

Dont forget the owner of the Als is puttin some of his money into the pot as well american owns the Al's huh? OK then, Just as soon as I hit the lottery Halifax will be getting a team and stadium.

An American also owns the Habs. Which begs the question where are all the good old rich Canadian owners in Montreal?

The lost all they money with the expos

Tonight Brian Williams did a good story on the boom of football in Quebec and which we have all known for years. So how come no one in Quebec City to step up and get a team?

I think there's resistance from the Al's owner who looks at Quebec as his team's market and doesn't want to share it. Pretty short sighted IMO, having a team in QC would generate more excitement all over Quebec for both teams, there would be more marketing opportunities not less.