City of Hamilton Elections

Citizens of Hamilton and Cat fans everywhere. Make sure you get out and vote for a mayor who will help us get a stadium built for the ti-cats and the pan-am games.
After careful consideration I believe Bob Bratina is the best bet to get this done.
What ever happens, I just hope Esienburger gets the short end of the stick on this vote, otherwise we could be in for a very long 4 yrs. in Hamilton.


Damn, I forgot all about it!My first vote tomorrow and I have no idea who to go for :lol:
I know to steer clear of Eisenberger though :wink:
Perhaps some peeps on here can help me out.

Like most Hamiltonians, I don’t think the stadium is the most important issue.

How about voting for a candidate that you think would be best for the city.

I can't wait to vote in the morning, I just wish I knew who I was going to vote for...
Its not for a lack of paying attention, I just don't any of the top 3 offer a valid choice for the next 4 years...
And it gets even worse for my ward, and knowing that Merulla will be re-elected. :cry:

You think you guys have it bad with your votes?!? How about me, living in Ward 5 with that dictator, Chad Collins for a Councillor! You remember him... he's the one who single-handedly removed Confederation Park off the list of suitable stadium sites. He only did this because he's the Chair of the Waterfront Trust Committee, and the stadium at Confederation Park would infringe upon his sacred plans for the area. Not to mention how he has the citizens of the Beach Strip area in his back pocket to help out his cause. It's too bad that the guys running against Collins haven't put up too much of a campaign against Collins. Only Frank Rukavina has suggested putting forth a motion to have Confederation Park reconsidered for review. The only problem with him is that he has run for federal office as a Conservative, and we all know how that party is these days! I'm really hoping that a lot of the incumbents lose this election, but it won't be a clean sweep considering the candidates that are running against them. We can only do our part by voting, and then praying for the best!

If you’re uncertain about the top 3, then I’d seriously consider Mahesh P Butani.

CHML interview, part 1

CHML interview, part 2

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

Also, here's the Spec's editorial choice.

Now of course you may not agree with them, but they sure have good analysis and reasoning that might help guide your choice.

[url=] ... o-be-mayor[/url]

The winner of the Mayor's race would have to be one of the top 3, since the other candidates do not have any political experience. They wouldn't even know how to Chair a routine Council Meeting! They also wouldn't know how to lobby for assistance from the Provincial or Federal governments. I also don't take too much stake into what the Spectator's Editorial Board thinks. I can't help but believe that even that group is politically motivated in some way. The entire newspaper tends to show some sort of bias one way or another. They cannot seem to stay neutral on any issue. I would be very nervous about this city if the new Mayor is not one of the top 3 candidates. However, I still hope that there is a clean sweep of the incumbent Councillors, such that they are all replaced by new people (with the obvious exception of Robert Pasuta, who was acclaimed).

Thank you for the above links to Mr. Butani, but as for your link to the Spec article, I can't agree with The Spectator and politics after the way they have reported on the whole stadium issue. I personally think it was bias (like all news), but in favour of Eisenberger, and thats why it does not surprise me that's who they think is the best person to be mayor.

This election they endorse Eisenberger. Last election they endorsed DiIanni.

You are not supposed to be neutral in an editorial.

Kirk, its all about credability. the spec., Esinburger, and you have zero.


Certainly I can say that The Spec has helped make it easy for me not to vote for Fred, that much I know. It's down to two other candidates for me right now and I'm not sure.

But at least The Spec helped me eliminate one! Merci buckets Spec. :wink:

How anyone can be a TiCats fan and vote for Freddy is beyond me.

Kirk is correct, we should vote for a mayor thats best for the city. Eisenberger failed miserably on the Pan Am initiative and the mess falls in his lap. He's disqualified himself as being the best for the city. That leaves Dianni or Bratina. Convicted person that technically should have been forbidden to run for one election cycle or pencil thrower. Not much of a choice but you need to make one. BTW as much as I like what I understand of what Butani is saying there is much I simply can't understand. Thats one giant website and most certainly the most comprehensive but he's got to simplify the message in a concise easy to understand format somewhere or it gets a reaction of BS baffles brains

Not Fred please, please, save Hamilton from anymore of his bumbling. And yes, thanks to that rag called the Spec for reinforcing why not to vote Fred. This is a case where an endorsement becomes the kiss of death.

Of the top 3 I'd have to say Bratina is the least idiotic of them all. Not much of a glowing endorsement lol.

On another note, Jason Farr is running for council in my Ward. That leads me to pose the question: If he wins does that mean he will no longer be able to announce at the stadium? That's a sure way to get my vote lol.

Today is the day you can exercise your democratic right to vote in a mayor you see fit.
Take the time to do your part for your future!
Cast your ballot and make a difference!:thup:

I moved form Hamilton the end of June. Your choices are not very good IMO. fred is not a good choice IMO. Bob, while he obviously love the city is not the right man, not a leader nad to tempermental. That leaves Larry. I saw more building in the city when he was Mayor than I can ever recall. I know people say he was convicted for illegal contributions but even the crown made a statement that what happened could be equated to a speeding ticket. It was not major and also remember it was back in 2003. There was no issue in 2006. My biggest concern is that Larry and Bob will split the vote and fred will get in. Let's hope not.

I'm not 100% sure but I think Bill Kelly was still doing the stadium announcements while he was on council.

Well there goes my only reason for voting lol