City of Glendale terminating the Arizona Coyotes lease after the 2021-22 season

How awesome would it be to see a QC team wearing those uniforms again!



That was a pretty good rivalry.
I would be happy to see Q.C. get a team back.

The arena is there.


Bettman won't let the Coyotes move from the area.

Find it surprising that the league doesn't provide some funding for the arena in terms of a loan to the franchise.

Can't imagine any city in the Phoenix area going all in for an arena especially when Glendale terminated their business relationship with the Coyotes.

It's more of the league not wanting a team in Quebec.

Bettman works for the owners, more time is going towards finding a solution to the Coyotes saga whether it's a new arena in Phoenix and area or relocation to either Houston or Kansas City.

Quebec and/or any Canadian city are fairly low on their priorities.

I think this might be the last straw for the Phoenix market.

You're probably correct that the league will look elsewhere (KC, Houston, Portland, Milwaukee, ?) before looking toward Quebec; however, they did approve the return to Winnipeg not too long ago, so never say never.


I hope you are right in Quebec regaining an NHL team.

Relocation might be the only option as I can't imagine $700 million US in fees.


Tempe has been offering free land to someone willing to "partner" in a new arena down there.
The Coyotes can play at the old Coliseum, Talking Stick (their original home), Chase Field or even next door at State Farm.

Even if NHL were interested in moving a team into Quebec City and eliminating the boogeyman that other owners hang over local governments' heads when seeking new arenas, I doubt many owners of US teams would be interested in owning a team in Quebec City ... and I don't see the NHL approving a sale at much, if anything, below the expansion fee level ... nor do I see the NHL approving Péladeau (the likely local owner)

Unless two things happen.

a) Glendale is not bluffing and there is no going back to there after the 2021-22 season

b) The new arena plan in Tempe either doesn't work out or would take too long for it to be viable. There's no suitable temporary building to use until it opens.

Then what? Either Meruelo has to find a suitable place to play in another city and a building he doesn't own or control or he will have to sell.

Who is interested in a team and controls their building being able to hit the ground running like Winnipeg did? Houston and Quebec City are the only 2 places that fit the bill and it may still be a buyer's market.

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I'd be delighted not to see any more of the Arizona Coyotes. What a gods forsaken place for a hockey team.



I just don't feel it is productive to get excited about the chances for a team in QC ... is it possible ... yes ... but then I buy LottoMax tickets ... both are long shots ... although I'll admit QC has slightly better odds, but not anything I would bet the house on ... I'd place somewhere in southern Ontario far ahead of QC for the next Canadian NHL team.

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For sure nothing is guaranteed and the focus (publicly) is to keep it in AZ. If it fails, I don't think there are any options beyond 2.

Kansas City seems to be the other frequently mentioned site ... although I have read/heard speculation that with Seattle now in the league that perhaps Portland (which has a decently long hockey history) might be a possibility ... have also read/heard talk about Hartford (small city but decent two-hour radius) and Milwaukee.

But fundamentally, Phoenix is just too big (5th in the US) for the NHL to give up on easily.

The issues with Kansas City has always been the city won't give a sweetheart lease to attract a team. The NBA has never used it as leverage for that reason. They make more money off concerts and other non sporting events since they don't have to give anything to the NHL or NBA owner.

Portland and Milwaukee. The arenas are both owned and operated by the NBA teams. Milwaukee's has shown no interest and neither has Portland since Paul Allen died. Both would be small markets to support both leagues.

Hartford has a longer shot than Quebec City. At least Quebec has a modern building and interested does Houston which is where I think it will move to if it has to.


Like they gave up on Hartford, Winnipeg, Quebec so quickly?

Strange that Canada is always written off the NHL and the US in general for being small markets with the exception of Vancouver, Montreal and , Toronto but are fighting for over 25 years to keep a team in Phoenix.

The league should have stepped in soon as the Glendale option was presented and pushed for the arena to be in the East Valley area.

Just because the cities are bigger doesn't necessarily mean the team will thrive.

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They gave up on Atlanta pretty quickly least on the surface.

The thing is with that situation the Thrashers in a sense were getting kicked out. The Hawks owner didn't want them and someone new coming in and renting would be bleeding red ink with no end in sight. Hence the league knew it was over.

With Arizona, for the longest time Glendale always bailed the team out and after their subsidy ended it's been noting but a parade of owners and presidents ever since.

Now it seems Tempe has an interest in the team but will see what is involved with that plan....if Meruelo can still make work with nowhere to play.


I agree. Blow up the arena too and let's just chalk this experience in Arizona all up to a very bad dream for too many nights in our lives. The world will then be a far better place too.


Some folks are using the "where to go?" matter as a stall tactic on this one.

The desert ship that is in Arizona has been sinking for awhile now.

It has been mostly Captain Bettman who has been trying to load and pound sand to keep up appearances but delighting and fooling only himself.

Here's my proposal come April 2022 or after the Stanley Cup playoffs, whichever comes first assuming the money does not run out for payroll again or for basic operations of this hockey abomination and plague upon all our good hockey fans all around the world:

  1. Load up a fleet of trucks with all the gear. Leave all the trash in one massive pile at center ice. If you are unsure how to load big trucks for departure, there is some file footage of the Indianapolis Colts in 1983 that you can review.

  2. Haul major butt out of town overnight too. Take everybody to some high-class resort, which is not located in Arizona, and spend six weeks there as you figure out where to go next. This is so you will be of clear mind and your people will stop complaining about Arizona as the natives forget you were there anyway.

  3. Roll on out near the new town selected as things are put in place for your new home.

  4. Entertain and welcome for your new fans waiting for you, for they appreciate you unlike the locals do not in Arizona lest they are various snowbirds and recent new residents from places like Chicago, who are only going to your games to watch one of the Original Big Six teams perhaps.


A smaller US city where hockey is popular will do far better than a southern city where noone cares

Say what you will but none of the southern franchises have ever fared well (Vegas is still shiny and new, plus tons of Canadians in the area; that was one reason the CFL thought Posse was a great idea at the time)


Most here would be surprised that Phoenix has a pretty good history with hockey dating back decades. Also

The arena location is/was a major stumbling block that needs to get fixed. Much like Vegas there’s tons of Canadians who live/vacation down there. Vegas is a much less likely hockey market with much less history with the game, and they are doing fine

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