City of Glendale terminating the Arizona Coyotes lease after the 2021-22 season

Agreed. Calgary at least had an agreement in the first place plus the city still wants a new building.

With Tempe there are elections coming up. Primary on March 8 and the runoff sometime in May.

There may be a greater desire to punt this down the road to the next council. With Covid wrecking havoc down there now (much like most of the world), approving this may not be big priority


It doesn't mean the Coyotes are relocating as much as some fans would hope for.

Although Houston and Kansas City may be a potential destination for the Coyotes (Nashville and St.Louis might have an issue with KC)

In Calgary's case the city wanted the Flames to come up additional money for climate change repurposing (solar panels sidewalks etc) after the original deal was signed.

Eventhough fans don't have a lot of sympathy, and shouldn't, for owners, I have to side with the Flames on this one as the city changed the conditions after the deal was signed and sealed.

That's true, they don't move until they move.

At the same time, with no place to play next year and Tempe being uncertain, the NHL would be foolish not to look at alternatives.

I think Houston and Quebec City are the only 2 viable places


Though OT. I agree, this is the city wanting to change the deal at the last minute.

The current mayor was a yes vote in the original agreement but was a no vote in the revised one done in July.

They'll spin their tires just to likely ending up spending more money at the end of the day.


I think Calgary Next might have been a sound investment back then, now the cost of an arena alone could close in on over 800 million when they do get around to build it if they ever will.


I expect they play in Glendale with an NHL guaranteed, year-to-year lease

I have to disagree on the last part. Sure there are elements of in and near St. Louis who might have an issue, but collectively the State of Missouri would outnumber and outvote them because then the state would stand to have the benefit of two NHL teams akin to MLB and formerly the NFL.

And Nashville would be grasping at straws to raise a fuss here if there is a fuss at all. Tennessee and Missouri share minimal connection.

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And they will blame you know what like anybody else, as much drags on of course be, regardless of the underlying merit or lack of merit.

One year and OUT for good would be great right now given the situation.

Think they were saying STL and Nashville ownership would oppose a move to KC within the NHL decision-making process ... "collectively the State of Missouri would outnumber and outvote them" would have no role in that process.