City of Edmonton Employees get Grey Cup Tickets First

the City of Edmonton Employees that work for the city have been given the ability to buy Grey Cup Tickets for 2010 3 days earlier than when they go on sale for the rest of the public...



Well according to this article, there's already 33,000 tickets sold. How many employees work for the city of Edmonton? Will there be any tickets left for when they go onsale to the public???!!!

Opps, forgot to post the article that I spoke about: ... story.html

I don't know if you caught my post in the thread on this topic on the CFL Talk forum, but Season's Ticket Holders of all teams had the opportunity to buy Grey Cup tickets quite some time ago. I doubt that there are enough city employees to put a dent in the number of unsold tickets in only 3 days. I'm pretty confident (based on nothing in particular other than a hunch) that there will be lots left once they go on sale to the public. How long they'll last after that is another matter....

I'm sure there will be plenty of tickets left. After all, we managed to cram more than 62,000 people last season when Saskatchewan came to town. :smiley:

Great idea ! let the working class have a shot at making it to the game before the Politicians get their meat hooks into it. The Federal and Provincial government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Olympic tickets and didn't even show up to the Events.