City of... Champions? Yea Right

hahahahahhaha... man oh man... Edmonton, The City of Shitty Sports Teams.... I know Chief had an annyerism (mind the spelling). I didnt watch the game cause i was pre-occupied, except for the 1st quarter somewhat. But i wasnt surprised to see 52-5 on TSN... For some reason, i thought we'd get anhilated... So id thought you guys could fill me in on what went wrong... Which is probably everything... But when you dont score a TD in a game, you gotta question this teams heart... Your thoughts?

Everything went fine really, except that we couldn't run, couldn't catch, couldn't pass, couldn't block, couldn't sustain a drive, there were 6 turnovers on our part, and Ricky Ray took 11 hits and a sack. But other than that, we had a good team on the field tonight.

Well, like Eskimosrock, I missed the game. This weekend was my brother's wedding, and I also happened to catch a cold, so I spent the weekend hopped up on medicine and booze, and I completely forgot about the games yesterday. :lol:

Yesterday showed why I didn't want to get excited about the win against Sask. Bad teams always manage to surprise a team or two, but it doesn't mean they're good. It happens. That's all. This team is still terrible.

Just a point of clarification (and history) the name "City of Champions" wasn't initially meant to refer to the sporting teams - though it did come to mean that secondarily.

The Moniker was chosen by the city in the mid 80's to honour the citizens of the city for their contributions to make Edmonton stand out ... the people who volunteer and work there butts off to make things like the Commonwealth Games ('78) and Universiade Games ('84) huge successes, as well as Fringe Festival, Folk Fest (both internationally recognized).

The "Champions" are the people of Edmonton, not the teams. Now you know.

I left Edmonton in 1980 and always thought that it was because of the sports teams , thanks for clarifying that. :thup: we did have a good run in the 80's though.

I thought it had to do with the way Edmonton responded to a disaster? At least that's what someone on here said... (might've been red).

I think the only disaster the City of Edmonton has had were the 2009 -2010 Oilers and the 2010 Eskimos . :roll:

According to Wikipedia on Cities of Champions:

"Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: so named for the city's response to the tornado of July 31, 1987 and also for sporting success during 1980s"

^^ I'm pretty sure that's what red told me.

I would caution at accepting all of the info from Wikipedia at 100% face value. The response to the Tornado was another aspect to the moniker. But having friends and family within the inner sanctum of the city the only reason the sporting teams were brought up is because it had better 'selling power'. Make no mistake that the initial thoughts were to honour those who did so much for the events I previously listed.

"Red"? as in Redandwhite? You're going to believe someone from Calgary... the place where at half-time at a GC the folks on the field spelled "Calgyra". 8) :wink:

Well i just put the city of champions up as something to grin at, we all have our own stand on things, and from what you all have said, i think its a mixture of everything, the contributions, sports teams, the tornado, etc. :smiley:

Anyways... So much for the Grey Cup being in Edmonton, i guess ill be watching two out of town teams play for Earl Greys Cup.

Well considering the Grey Cup is in Alberta 2 years in a row; I'd be more than thrilled to see Calgary win. Why? They are an Alberta team. So thus, The Province of Champions. :rockin:

And with that statement you have amply proven what I was trying to explain to some folks in the Labour Day Smack talk thread! :thup:

NO thanks ! thats like french kissing your sister .

My real theory behind my quote in the first place is this; The Grey Cup game is back to back in Alberta twice this year. An Alberta team has a great chance to at least win one Grey Cup rather than get shut out on two defeats.
So thus in essence; Go Stampeders Go. Edmonton still has a shot, however bleak.

I'm with Oiler. I don't want Calgary to win. I don't like Calgary, never have. It doesn't matter if you're talking CFL or NHL. Never been a fan of Calgary. :lol: