City holds Key to CFL Prospects

Sambo, no I have never been to TF. From watching on TV and talking to people who have been, I get the impression the place is a dump.
I hardly think it is a dump.....but Sambo and I do disagree somewhat as to the level of investment needed at Taylor Field. I think it is nearing the end of its lifespan and massive renovations or even replacement are necessary. For true football fans, such as Sambo and myself, the atmosphere and sightlines at TF are excellent. I love it. To put it in perspective, it is far better than Bomber, Frank Clair, and as long as we are including hearsay, Ivor Wynn (never been to that one, but from what I hear....) And Olympic Stadium needs to be pushed into the St. Lawrence soon... But for fringe fans, casual fans,younger fans, etc., to be competive for the overly stretched entertainment dollar, I think we will need a new or completely refurbished stadium in the not so distant future.

Drummer makes a very valid point though.
Given the need for federal financing, it is unlikely we can upgrade every stadium in Canada immediately.
But there is no reason why over the next couple of decades it can't be done.

The truly sad part is, with Commonwealth costing $20 million for the 1978 games and Olympic Stadium costing between $600 and $1000 million, for the 1976 games, you guys do the math....

Taylor Feild is going through phases of overhauls.
Why is Taylor Feild always brought up when stadiums are talked about.
Taylor Feild has been upgraded and more upgrades are coming. Its a Great Feild.
I would rather be in Taylor Feild that a state of the art dome anyday.
The atmospere at Taylor Feild is great.I would not want Regina to ever get rid of it.
All the rest of the CFL however should get some new stadiums, but not regina.

how old is taylor field?

Anyway in regards to this article, I agree that the politians also need to get their butt in gear.
A city as large as Ottawa and the Capital of Canada should have a CFL team.
The CFL is part of our countries past time and it is sad that our capitals politicians dont do enough to push for a return team.