city hall

anyone planning on attending the party at city hall on tuesday? I'm missing school for it because football is much more important! lol :lol:

I don't work Tuesdays so I'm there.

man, i can’t find any information on this thing. i caught the last bit on the news and doesn’t want to load on my computer. can anyone inform me on whats going on please? doesn't say squat about the parade.

What the hell's up with that?

oh well, no big deal. i actually got there at 9:30am and got some info from the guys setting up the stage. it was awesome, the only thing i was really disapointed about was that i didnt get a chance to talk to aj gass… i got to the table on the pedway with most of the offense and then i went to the 3 others looking for gass and when i got to his table, i was standing two feet away from him and then they had to leave lol. but whatever, i got to say goodbye to maas and thank him and congradulate most of the team along with danny. I talked to mathieu bertrand for a good 10minutes in french and hervey made fun of us for it lol. I thought it was hilarious when the mayor got lifted by the cheerleaders and he attempted to wave the flag around hahahaha. ah well, wicked job eskies!!!

I just met with the offense too to get autographs for my son. He wanted me to get some of the defensive players too, but oh well.

Joked around with the receivers a bit. Hilarious group of guys.

Told Mookie Mitchell that half the city crapped their pants on that big 3rd down catch he made. He laughed at that and said he did too. :lol:

Asked Hervey why he wasn't wearing the hat. He said he was saving it for the Oilers game.

Told Fleming that he's my son's favorite player. He seemed surprised... I guess kickers don't hear that too often!

Thanked both Ray and Maas for such a great and entertaining playoffs. Both super classy guys. Not big talkers like the rest of the team, though.

Congratulated Maciocia, too. He was really friendly and seemed like a genuine person.

I should've pulled my son from school.

You didnt pull him from school? Come on, whats priority? school to let him have a future................ or meet the esks??? Meet the esks OBVIOUSLY

I know, but I didn't think I'd be able to talk to all of them and get all those autographs.

But I lied and told him I couldn't get any. And I got the poster with the autographs framed and I'm going to surprise him with it at Christmas.

I know he'll be excited, and that's almost as good.