City Council Passes Ivor Wynne Stadium Motion Thread

At 5:00 P.M. Today
From Drew Edwards

Province to make announcement on #HamOnt stadium (#Ticats)

Province to make announcement on #HamOnt stadium (#Ticats)

This is undoubtedly good news: you don't call a press conference to deliver the killing blow. Unless you're Lebron.

MEDIA ADVISORY Sophia Aggelonitis, MPP and Ted McMeekin MPP will make a local announcement regarding the Pan Am stadium. Date: Sunday, January 30, 2011 (today) Time: 5:00 pm

Thanks for the heads up.

Not what I was hoping for in the end, but if it means Ticats for another 20 years until the league is ready financially to support new stadiums then I will support it.

Grover how do we follow along?

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Not sure if this link will help, but it does say you can follow the conversation.

As a prov. election draws near I understand the prov. Liberals patting themselves on the back but McMeekin ?

Unless I missed it neither he or Horwath said a damned meaningfull thing through this entire affair.

If he's there to try and capture praise and accolades for himself and the prov. NDP I say bollocks .

This should be an exciting day for all of Hamilton, TigerCat fans or otherwise. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Can't wait.

Well, here we go....lets hope it's good news.

Looks like its a done deal.

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Looks like we are $2.5 million short, although that isn't much of a shortfall.

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But its a "shortfall" based on numbers unanimously agreed to be vastly overinflated. There is now enough money to make this happen.

Word on Twitter is only one season out of IWS.

Shortfall is fine, as long as competitive bids are allowed and not sole sourced.

Excellent compromise, this project should fail if they can't come up with that much money to make it a go. Bingo!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

There is no more shortfall. IO slashed 2.5 million off the cost of the rebuild.

Alright, well that is that. Now lets get to filling the stadium for 2012.

The $22.5 million covers the entire funding gap. It was initially thought to be $25 million, but Infrastructure Ontario has lowered its cost estimates by $2.5 million, so the newly-announced commitment from the province bridges the entire gap.

Great news for sure! Have to assume that Hostco (TO2015?) has been directed to accept Hamilton's bid or this announcement would not have been made. I believe Mr McMeekin is a Liberal MLA and a season ticket holder . Gotta love election years!

Awesome news!! Finally. Let's rebuild a classic stadium and keep the Ticats in Hamilton. And yes only 1 season out of Ivor Wynne is good news as well. Very exciting times.

Ian Troop was at today’s meeting so I’m guessing that he’s been ordered to accept this proposal.


Yes, I'm so happy an inner city investment in our city is being made. WH is already great for what it is and will take care of itself. Where IWS not so much but this will do so much it's truly exciting and amazing for city building I couldn't be happier for Hamilton actually. Thank you to all for showing confidence in inner city Hamilton! :thup: :thup: :thup:

brad 2332, you mentioned only one year out of IWS. Did they mention where the team would likely play?