City Council Monday

Where will the vote be on Monday, are they still operating city hall out of the city centre in Jackson Square. Some of us should go down in our Ti-cats gear as tax paying Hamiltonians to show our support for the games bid and the stadium, would it be worth anything I wonder?

It probably wouldn't hurt as some Councillors seem easily influenced by the loudest voices and "squeaky wheels". If Hamilton's numerous nefarious nabobs of negativity show up in great numbers (as per usual), Council may feel that's the majority opinion in the community and vote accordingly.

Silent majority will be ignored again.


I hope they say no to the Bid ..
Hamilton can't afford to say yes at this time.
The City has too many Problems besides IWS.
Bad Roads Piples Breaking Crime..

Then Burlington can apply for the New Stadium..

The special council meeting (i.e. committee of the whole) will be held on Feb 23/09 at 9:30 a.m. in the Albion Room at the Hamilton Convention Centre.


This is city council's decision now and the future of _______ lies with them for this. I assume they are smart people who also have an emotional attachment to the city of Hamilton and area as a whole and in particular, for their constituents.

Actually, it is quite the opposite. Hamilton can not afford to pass up this opportunity. Get Gov't funding now or pay for it all on your own later.

You want to admit to the rest of Canada, wherever, that if anyone moves to Hamilton for a job, that you better watch out, your house might be on a street that has sewers that are so ancient that your house is going to be floating in ..., well, you know what, they might not move here for that professor job at Mac or mechanic job at Canadian Tire or accounting job at Stelco or specialist physician job at the General.

Better show them no probs boys, we have the money to redevelop some brownfields and build a new sports stadium, the sewers will be fine where your house is (even if it might not be really :wink: )

But hey, whatever image Hamilton wants to give, again, city councils decision.

Sorry....but there will always be "bad roads, pipes breaking and crime". To turn down this opportunity because of those will potentially set Hamilton back even further compared to other cities.

As long as city council is voting on a stadium where the location will be decided upon at a later date, then yes, I agree that people who are able to go to the Convention Center, should attend and show support. It can't hurt.

It's urgent to firm up participation first and then argue the location properly at a later date. I was led to believe that the location itself was to be voted on tomorrow but Councillor Bratina said that the location can change. Fair enough

I have no doubt the games will be in Ontario. Hamilton would be ridiculously short-sighted to not participate. I''ll set my location arguments aside for now and just cheer for Hamilton as a whole to get in on the opportunity to be a big player in this project. Hamilton does extremely well when hosting events.

The World Cycling Championships, the last Queen's visit, the last Grey Cup etc.