City Council Approves New Stadium and area renovation plans

So the Council had a vote and they approved the whole Billion dollar plan to revitalize the area, including a new arena at the CNR grounds, and a bunch of new homes and businesses, etc.

looks like we're getting a new Stadium!!! :smiley:

btw. the article hasn't been released yet as it was just announced, I will provide one.. or any of you can if you find it.

yeah, it was on cbc yesterday

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When I heard Mayor Fiacco speak about the TOTAL PROJECT I couldn't help but be impressed with the boldness and vision shown by Fiacco and City Council. The whole idea looked doomed to fail when the Feds bailed out and the Province wisely stepped aside in the face of other spending requirements. All Fiacco & Company did was roll up their sleeves and go find private investment to the tune of 75% of a massive one billion dollar urban renewal project. Once this gets rolling, I suspect the Feds and the Province will become involved with some of the housing initiatives on the other 25%. Upon completion Regina stands to reap $5-7 Million in tax revenues as compared to the very little that they now get from the railyard and Mosaic properties. Even a dummy like me from Saskatoon can see that the total concept is win-win and a very good thing for Regina and Saskatchewan. The doubters and naysayers should have a very close listen to what the Major had to say on the overall project.