City and Ticats Clash over soccer rights at THF

Its really sad when so much good seems to be happening in the city, that our elected drips try to put the screws to a private business because of differences that are being litigated.

Lest we forget, the competence of our tax eating representatives are second to everyone. Former blockbuster employee, fitness trainer, radio announcer, tv personality, no job (real one anyways) and on and on. Is this the best we can do for city council. I guess we get what we deserve.

Term limits, and maybe some minimum qualifications are in order.

Just finished sending an email to my councillor complaining about this stupid issue . Show us the line up of teams waiting to pay to use THF.
At the same time I also told him how much I did not like tax money going to rings for outgoing councillors. Told him to take the $5k and fix the pot holes on my street.

When will these jokers stop wasting our money!!???? :x !

Ridiculous enough to have to look at street signs and structures plastered with their undeserved names.

Unfortunately, local councillors have no monopoly on the wasting of tax payer dollars…that crime is shared at ALL levels of government.

You all make great points about the clowns running this city, the only problem is the population of this town has a
large segment of morons who continuously re-elect these poor excuses for civic leaders. Not to forget the large percentage that don't even vote.
Perhaps the next provincial government can pass legislation to impose term limits on local councilors. They gave us amalgamation so why not term limits. :rockin: Just my opinion.

[i]And Mayor Fred Eisenberger said on Thursday that neither his office nor council received formal notification of the league’s formation, the new team or its intended use of the stadium.

“None whatsoever, ? Eisenberger said, adding he was “surprised? the announced team has a website that already states home games will be played out of Tim Hortons Field.

The Ticats dispute that interpretation. In a written statement, the team said it informed the city in a letter last May that “the Tiger-Cats had fulfilled the requirements to bring professional soccer to Hamilton.?

The team said it expected the city at that time to “finalize? the soccer licensing agreement, which called for $150,000 in rent paid annually for use of the stadium for soccer. “The city has not yet responded to that letter, ? reads the Ticats’ statement.

John McGrane, a former national club star now representing the proposed Ticats-owned soccer team, expressed hope the dispute is a “miscommunication? over the lease. “I would hope the city knows (the Ticats) have been working toward this new league in good faith.?

He emphasized the proposed team is expected to include a Ticat-run soccer academy at the stadium and pave the way to hold international soccer events at Tim Hortons Field.

“I hope we don’t lose sight of all the benefits over petty politics, ? McGrane said.

“That would be a damn shame.?[/i]

UPDATED ... ons-field/

Hamilton and petty politics just seem to go hand in hand so much of the time. :?

The TiCats will have no chance of hosting a Grey Cup with this dysfunctional, petty and spiteful Council ruling the City.

Scott Mitchell?

Yesterday’s shenanigans definitely do not help in any way, shape or form, the chances of a Grey Cup bid let alone winning bid.

It seems Bob Young may have allowed the exclusivity clause to expire without ensuring that such a critical part of his pro soccer plans had been properly secured going forward.

Memo to Bob Young and staff: Business 101... you snooze, you lose.

Memo to Seymour, lecturing Multi-Millionaire Bob Young on Business 101 makes you look very foolish. :oops: :roll:

Memo to Grover ,

Pretty well anytime and anything that Seymour posts on any subject makes him look foolish. Looking foolish isn't very hard to do when your name is Seymour . :cowboy:

I know city council isn't the brightest group, but I don't see how they're wrong here.

The Cats had an exclusive window to bring soccer to pro soccer to Tim Hortons Field. That window is now closed. The Ticats haven't officially negotiated anything with the city since the closing of that stadium, and seem to just be assuming they can use it for the future soccer team.

I think we all learned during the stadium negotiations that while city council can be stupid, Scott Mitchell and Bob Young are no angels themselves.

Some valid points but....why the hell wouldn't the city quietly approach the Cats about this? Why make a public spectacle out of it? Who actually looks petty? Not the Cats.
I would like Partridge/Eizenberger to explain why they need to show up the Ticat organization?
If you don't agree with this city BS, please email you're councillor and the Mayor to voice your displeasure. At the same time, ask them why we're wasting money on freakin' rings for outgoing councillors?
We just get past all the BS related to LRT in the media and now these two things!! Hard to fathom why people keep voting these clowns in. I'm one who did, but not any longer. Anyone but the incumbent :rockin:

Just a point. If not for the Tiger Cats there is no THF. The elected morons need to remember that. Yes there is enough fault to go around but to continually raise petty issues with them makes the city look foolish, as already noted. Edit - they are foolish!!

Wherever I travel I always make it point to wear a TC shirt where possible. No one gives a rats behind about the self serving idiots who are gifted their elected spots, but everywhere, someone knows the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Council - know your role.

Agree 100%, definitely a petty move by council to make this public.

And if not for the City of Hamilton + provincial government paying for a stadium, then there are no Tiger Cats. At least not in Hamilton.

And just like the whole LRT debate....the province was going to spend the money for the Pan Am games anyway. We took a cut. IWS was about to fall down on its own and the $50 million the city contributed to the $150 million was likely going to be spent keeping it from falling down over time.
So unless we as fans/taxpayers were willing to just shut down IWS and say goodbye to the Cats, we did well grabbing what we could to fix the issue.
As someone stated on this forum, people across Canada know about the Cats. They also hear about our disfunctional council. Cats = positive view. City Council = negative view.

:thup: :thup:

If Young and his team failed to perform the most basic due diligence and allowed the all-important exclusivity clause to expire on their watch, they will have rightfully earned all the embarrassment and repercussions that will follow.

Frankly, I remain unimpressed with Young's so-called "business acumen" as owner of the Ti-Cats. He lost most of his credibility with me when, amongst other issues, he failed to take charge personally and ensure that the concessions mess at THK was rectified and corrected. This is an area where the Ti-Cats have control because they selected the supplier and awarded the contract and should have the authority to execute corrective action.
Instead, over multiple seasons now, Young seems quite content to sit by as ticket-holders complain and the unacceptable situation continues. This is not the action of an owner who has the fans' game day experience and best interests as priorities.

It seems that the acrimonious relationship between the Tiger-Cats (Bob Young) and the City has been in place for some time. First of all, it's not the City's place to do Young's work for him and serve his interests by performing his due diligence, nor, it seems, under the circumstances, is the City inclined to do Young any favours.

If it is to the City's advantage that the exclusivity clause becomes null and void, they have a fiduciary duty to the taxpayers to follow that course.

If a letter had been served and not responded to by the City, then exactly who is acting in bad faith here?

[i] In a written statement, the team said it informed the city in a letter last May that “the Tiger-Cats had fulfilled the requirements to bring professional soccer to Hamilton.?

The team said it expected the city at that time to “finalize? the soccer licensing agreement, which called for $150,000 in rent paid annually for use of the stadium for soccer. “The city has not yet responded to that letter, ? reads the Ticats’ statement.[/i]