Citizen Of The Game

Could this day get any better?

Tammy (my wonderful wife) nominated me as the Pizza Pizza Citizen of the Game for my tireless efforts promoting the TiCats and the CFL. And guess what?

I WON!!!!!! I was selected as Citizen of the Game for July 16th vs Gang Green!!!! Man I could not be more stoked!!!!

I have won:

4 Platinum tickets to the game
4 Onfield passes
1 TiCat jersey (any color with the player of my choice).
Prior to kickoff I will be on the field with Pigskin Pete to help lead the Oskee Wee Wee chant
FREE PIZZA PIZZA for six months.

Karma? I had already planned on bringing horns and cowbells for my new neighbors in Box E. I also have a Riders hat I recieved mysteriously at Christmas that I plan on giving to a Riders fan (hopefully wearing a Lancaster jersey) in its original Santa gift bag.

As well, this is one of the few games my daughter isnt cheering in, so I will be able to have the kids enjoy the experience with me. We are all over the moon and feel very honored to have been chosen. Thank you everyone in the TiCat organization!!!!

An interesting side note:

Last game, Tammy lost my gold #28 Lumsden jersey. She felt horrible about it. It was draped over her purse and must of fallen off. Now she is redeemed. I will be getting a replacement thanks to her nomination. I'll be making a trip to the TiCat store to get her favorite players jersey (#55 Stevie Baggs) to show her just how grateful I am she considered me.

Oskee Wee Wee!!!!! Oskee Waw Waw!!!!! Holy Macinaw!!!!!! Tigers Eat Em' Raw!!!!!!

So did they add points or deduct points for this? :?


Congratulations a1exander!

NICE SCORE! Im not sure if I've ever herd of the promotion, how do you nominate someone? I can't imagine how stoked you are. Do you mind me asking what box your going to be in? If your around box C come over and say, row 2 right at the 45...there is 4 of us...I'll buy you a beer to say congrats! Nice to see a die hard win something like that, Im not sure what the previous poster was trying to prove but your game etiquette seems fine to me! Keep on spreading the good word about the cats!

Thanks Cooler!!! We will be in Box D, and you can be sure Ill be over to say hi!!! You wont be able to miss me, Ill be the guy in the spanking new #22 Jersey thats beaming like hes made of solid gold!!!

Thanks Cap! Sure like to meet up with you for a beer at the tailgate pregame. My treat!!! Hope you like Carling, proud sponsor of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Safteyblitz Im glad you brought up that thread. It generated alot of great discussion. I became a better fan that day. Too answer your question, I think it would have added points had that had anything to do with it.

I asked Tammy how she nominated me, she said it was an email set to season ticket holders asking for nominees, she felt compelled to write to them about how I am always promoting the team and bringing friends and family to every game, how I am at the Ticats store every week buying something new and even pee black and gold...

Oskee Wee Wee.

My daughter is 11 and we have a pool. Every day she asks if she can have a few friends over, and I make each one tell me the name of a TiCat player before they swim.

Its a rule around here, just like no diving. Im breeding the next generation of fans. I feel like thats my job, just like cheering for the D is my assignment and I dont miss an assignment. :wink:

I won something called the Wiser's Uncompromising Fan. I'm supposed to get on the field during the second quarter. This is the first I've ever heard of this; anyone have any insight?

I can't find anything about it. When I googled it I found the Wiserhood Society of Uncompromising Men. But didn't see anything about the contest.

Congrats on the win though, I'll be watching for you at the game. Hell, I might even cheer and blow my horn for ya'!!!

We have a couple of fine representatives of Tiger-Cats and Hamilton.
Congratulations to both of you. :thup:

Thanks Grover, your kind words are much appreciated.

Congrats a1exander! It’s great to hear that the team is recognizing its fans like this.

I'm Jealous.

Congratulations to the both of you!!!!

What a kind and lovely thing for your wife to do for you, Alexander.

Enjoy it. I wish I could be there to see it!!

I dont quite have all the details for that part of it yet. There must be limitations, otherwise I'm gonna stop buying groceries for six months and go on the Pizza Pizza diet. Look out Jarrod from Subway, there's a new sheriff in town.

Pizza for breakfast. Pizza for lunch. Pizza for supper. I'll be yelling, "Kids, what kind of pizza do you want for your bedtime snack" at night. Even the cats better learn to like it, cause I ain't buying catfood for 6 months.

Thanks old fan.

No reason you can't come, I can get you a sweet deal on some tickets!!! How many do you need???

And a free jersey too!!!! Just kiddng....

As much as I would love to be there, I have a family committment that weekend, which may even take me away from the TV and radio too. But, thank you. I'll still try to see what I can. Just the same, enjoy your day!!!!

Awesome! Congrats!!! That is quite a package there.


Good job and keep up the good work!!!!!