Monday, September 12, 2005 - 11:32AM

Playing in front of 19,200 home fans at PEPS Stadium in Quebec City on Sunday, the No. 1 Laval Rouge et Or crushed the McGill Redmen 57-7 to improve to 2-0.

The two-time defending Vanier Cup champions were led by the running back duo of Nicolas Bisaillon and Pierre-Luc Yao, who rushed for a combined 140 yards and four touchdowns. Laval quarterback Benoit Groulx was 16-of-22 passing for 200 yards, while teammate William Leclerc was 10-of-16 for 160 yards and a touchdown.

Saskatchewan 27, Manitoba 21

The No. 2 Saskatchewan Huskies hung on to a road victory against the Manitoba Bisons.

David Stevens rushed for 185 yards and two touchdowns for the visitors, while Steven Bilan completed 14-of-24 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown. Terry Firr had a good game in a losing cause, with 101 receiving yards and a TD.

Wilfrid Laurier 47, Windsor 24

The No. 3 Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks improved to 2-0 with a home win against Windsor.

Nick Cameron and Joel Wright scored three touchdowns each. Cameron had a combined 180 rushing and receiving yards, while Wright had 125 receiving yards. Ryan Pyear was 14-of-22 passing for 216 yards and three TDs.

Alberta 34, Calgary 20

The No. 4 Alberta Golden Bears won their home opener against their provincial rivals. David Bissett rushed for 110 yards on nine carries including two touchdowns for the victors. Teammate Matt Burrows caught three TD passes from Darryl Salmon, who passed for 153 yards.

Saint Mary’s 28, Acadia 26

The No. 5 Saint Mary’s Huskies outlasted the Acadia Axemen in their season opener. Saint Mary’s quarterback Billy Robinson was 22-of-35 passing for 261 yards and three touchdowns, getting intercepted twice. Acadia’s Chris Judd completed 21-of-32 passes for 303 yards, three TDs and two interceptions.

McMaster 28, Ottawa 18

The No. 6 McMaster Maurauders won their first home game of the season on the strength of Jordan Kozina’s 193 rushing yards. Teammate Adam Archibald was only 11-of-33 passing for 174 yards, but threw a pair of touchdowns. Ottawa’s Josh Sacobie was 18-of-33 passing for 210 yards and two TDs.

Western Ontario 29, Guelph 10

The No. 7 Western Mustangs downed the Guelph Gryphons in their home opener. Western’s Michael Faulds threw for 253 yards, with receiver Andy Fantuz responsible for 136 of those yards. Teammate Jay Akindolire rushed for 117 yards and a touchdown.

Montreal 48, Sherbrooke 6

The No. 8 Montreal Carabins rebounded from a season opening loss to Laval to rout Sherbrooke. Montreal’s Joseph Mroué rushed for 138 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Teammate Jonathan Jodoin passed for 156 yards.

Regina 41, UBC 23

Teale Orban was 20-of-32 passing for 372 yards and a touchdown as the Regina Rams upset the No. 9 UBC Thunderbirds. Graham Mosiondz rushed for 161 yards and a touchdown, while Chris Bauman caught six passes for 180 yards and a TD in a winning cause.

Concordia 23, Bishop’s 11

The No. 10 Concordia Stingers, on the strength of Sammy Okpro’s seven tackles, defeated Bishop’s at home. Teammate Scott Syvret passed for 135 and ran for 41 yards and two touchdowns.

St. Francis Xavier 72, Mount Allison 0

Mount Allison took one on the chin against the St. Francis Xavier X-Men. Marvin McCooty rushed for 128 yards and two touchdowns, while Bryan Pozzobon caught five passes for 160 yards and a pair of TDs.

Queen’s 40, York 7

The Queen’s Golden Gaels rebounded from a opening loss to defeat York. Quarterback Danny Brannagan was 21-of-31 passing for 341 yards and a pair of TDs. Alex Vanags had 124 receiving yards. York’s star running back Andre Durie suffered a leg injury in defeat.

Waterloo 29, Toronto 27

The Waterloo Warriors held off the Toronto Varsity Blues at home. Waterloo’s Jon Morbey was 24-of-37 passing for 294 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Marc Gaudett rushed for 141 yards and a TD in a losing cause.

19,200 fans in Quebec City for the Laval Rouge et Or on Sunday, Outstanding!

For once I will say this.
CIS thati s!!!

This is the Season, not the playoffs right?

in that case, GO MANITOBA GO!!!

You should see the Tailgate party in Quebec before the R&O games. Sunday Budweiser bring a full van to sell beer... There's between 20 and 30 BBQ. There's people arriving in the parking around 8 am.

Beside the party, we have a great team again this year. Look out for RB Pierre Luc Yao on offense. This guy is a work horse, he has burn every league he played in. On defense, we have an all canadian squad again. Even with the loss of Proulx and Gauthier to the Als, our secondary will be tough to beat.

3 Vanier cup in ten years :mrgreen:

Ugly the U of S Huskies might have something to say about that threepeat.

The above blurb only mentioned David Stevens' rushing yards. He also had 88 yards recieving. I am just hoping his knees can hold up this season. He has had a knee operation each of the last two years, on both knees.
Steve Bilan the hec creighton runner-up is running the offence so its in good shape.

And our defence is also pretty damn good. only 11.2 yds/ game last year.

Should be a good year. hopeully we can have a rematch of last years Vanier, only this time it won't be a 7-1 zzzzzzzzzzzzzz snorefest

Billy, i didnt talk about a threepeat. Not before the playoffs. It would be nice to have a rematch of last year, but both teams have good teams to beat before.

Still 3 Vanier Cup in ten years of existence though :smiley:

oh i misread. And ya thats pretty damn good.
I think we have something like 3 or 4 since 90, and like 8 appearances.

and you are completely correct that there are very good teams to be beaten still, before that cup is raised.

On a dside note. I can't believe that Stevens didn't even get a nomination for awards, aparently 273 yds from scrimmage and 3 touchdowns by a single player isn't good enough for them

What bugs me is there's no TV coverage (nationally anyway) for CIS games anymore, TSN used to do it back in the '90s but only show the finals and the Vanier Cup game. I remember the Score used to show CIS games, do they still do that?

?Other pretty good teams? :lol:

?Saskatchewan? :roll:

Don't kid yourself, the R & O will Rout and Obliterate all your sorry a*s teams.

It'll be just in time to realize the GRAND QUADRUPLÉ.

Vanier Cup (R&O)
Grey Cup (Als)
USL Soccer Championship (Montreal Impact)
Stanley Cup (Montreal Canadiens)

All this year, all in Québec. A walk in the park. :lol:

And then BAM! We separate and keep the trophies!!! :twisted: :smiley: :twisted: :smiley:

StampsRock. I heard earlier this year, about a month ago, that someone, i think TSN or sportsnet, will be showing more games this year. I think they will show all of the playoff games, or at least more of them. That is in the Can West. I believe the Eastern games were shown already.

oh and keep dreeming 514

It would be nice to see the Canadian Universitys get some TV coverage. Look at how the US Colleges get excellent coverage.

How about starting with a game of the week. Hmm here's an idea. How about a CIS / CFL double header?

hehehe 514 MTL

In Qc with RDS, we have all R&O games on tv.

Wow, 19,000 at the Laval game in QC? Nice, very nice. Although I've heard that QC doesn't care about getting a CFL team, I'm sure the CFL is noticing this.

Fantastic stuff, makes our university games here in Ontario look pretty silly.

the R&O is really an event here. When they present the team in a shopping centerl 3 weeks ago, it was a huge success.

As for the CFL, i' m not sure anymore a team would be viable here. Keep in mind you can get tickets for the R&O below 10$. I would be surprise to see 19k peoples with tickets at 60 $. But still possible with good marketing, and a new stadium...

As a U of S grad, I have to say GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!

I do wish they'd put more of these games on TV, although I remember those games back in the 90's on TSN where Jamie Bone apparently thought the only good football players were ones that were born east of Manitoba. I'm much happier with the current sportscasters who are impartial, or who at least can be when they're on the air.

I think the Score has Ontario conference games on weekly, if I remember correctly.