CIS Top 10

Top 10 going into this weekend.

  1. Laval (1)
  2. Western Ontario (4)
  3. Saint Mary's (3)
  4. Queen's (5)
  5. Ottawa (6)
  6. Saskatchewan (2)
  7. Concordia (7)
  8. Simon Fraser (NR)
  9. Calgary (9)
  10. Montreal (NR)

One more win by the U.of T. and I'd be all for them getting honourable mention. :thup:

Nice to see SFU doing good once again.

SFU making thetop ten is kind of a joke.... For all we know they have been lucky (despite obviously being a better team) they should have waited until atleast week 4 until puting them in the top ten!!!

SFU have beaten some pretty good teams.

SFU beat #2 saskatchewan huskies, and also a surging calgary dino team. 3-1 in 1st place in canwest is much deserving of a top 10 ranking.

on the other coast SMU steamrolled Mount A in the 3rd quarter to overcome a 20-10 deficit at half to win 50-20. the huskies are picking up momentum and once glavic is back perminantly they’ll be vanier contenders

Rankings updated for Sept, 30.

  1. Laval (1)
  2. Queen's (4)
  3. Saint Mary's (3)
  4. Saskatchewan (6)
  5. Western Ontario (2)
  6. Calgary (10)
  7. Ottawa (5)
  8. Concordia (9)
  9. Bishop's (10)
  10. Simon Fraser (7)

Not-so-trivial fact; Laval (4-0) has been ranked No. 1 in 44 of the past 45 CIS polls, dating back to 2005.

who could have predicted queens going 8 and 0, and ottawa then knocking them out? NOW its down to the final 4 , both games are on the score next sat :rockin: ... m?id=13071

Not me.
Ottawa looks to be putting things together all at the right time.


And my Mustangs are gonna mop the floor with whoever they face!!! :twisted:

Mustangs will kick it and win the Vanier, best university in the nation!!! :rockin:

…dinos all the way…