CIS Talk 2016

I know this is the CFL board but obviously CIS is closely connected to the CFL hopefully mods don't mind it being on here. Figured we could keep a running thread for anyone keeping track.

I am a huge CIS guy mostly OUA growing up in Hamilton but just generally enjoy the college game and think the CIS is vastly underrated when you get two schools going at it.

Super excited for tomorrow with Mac taking on U of T at THF even though I think Mac should walk over them, also happy to see York off to a 1-0 start taking on nationally ranked Laurier under the lights. Laurier will likely win but York has something going on offence with Quinlan as the OC and the Hunchak brothers looking like legit threats, hoping the Lions can at least compete and avoid a blowout.

Huge upset tonight with Carleton taking out Western 38-31, amazing the progress they have made in such a short amount of time but it was sort of expected with the money they pumped into the program. They are going to have their first crop of CFL draftees this year if I am not mistaken they have a few ball players, Nate Behar I imagine has a future in the pros.

Post any thoughts on OUA action here the more talk the better, if you don't like CIS football and just want to derail the thread probably best not to post just looking for a place to have a good discussion.

The only CIS I ever get to see is Western Canada

They don't play a lot on TV but they do.

I cheer for the Huskies from Saskatoon, due to scheduling I haven't seen many games.

They sent out a Tweet that City TV will be broadcasting the Game of the Week every Saturday beginning Sept 17 @ 1pm. City is available via an antenna (in the GTHA), so it should be good viewing. :thup:

Sept.17th game will be from the "new" Richardson Stadium in Kingston Sorry the web cam has been taken down, only photos.

Well one Hamilton team has won the first game of the Labour Day doubleheader between Toronto and Hamilton teams at THF with Mac rolling over the University of Toronto 32 - 5 in front of a few thousand fans.

So time for me to head down to THF for the between games concert/tailgate and get ready for this evening's Cats-Argos game.

(If I had sat out in that sun and 30C heat - which is what it is here in the Hammer today for that Mac game I'm not sure I would have ever made it to the Cats game.)

You can stream most of the games for free at the CIS website.

Canada West charges $5 to watch one of their games, though.

Shaw Cable through Access Television, free channel, televises a couple of games a week out west. Not HD, but for a limited broadcaster they do a fairly good job.

Watched the Sask Huskies and Regina Rams game. It was very good.

Yes, that should be a good one. The new stadium looks great.

Attendance was 5,800 and change (I think 50 something). Was a fun game to watch, but yeah...that heat was deadly, took a lot of wind out of my sails.

It's too bad there isn't some video highlights in the amateur section....

Could updated a little. Windsor upset Guelph. Be nice to see the highlights

What a disaster for York. Can't believe people were actually pumping Warren Craney's tires for some irrelevant "championship" where he coached the Canadian team.

WTF was Craney doing to let Laurier hang 74pts and an incredible 575yds rushing on his defence? Add in the 247yds passing and Laurier went for more than EIGHT HUNDRED (800) yards against York.

Total embarrassment.

Here's the link for the CIS forum.

I've got my tickets to the Oct. 1st game at the New Mosaic Stadium. Going to be 16,500 for Rams vs Huskies.

The craziest part was that it was 4-3 with about 10min left in the second quarter, it looked like they might hang with them but every time I checked in just got worse and worse. Pathetic performance unfortunately, their win over Waterloo showed some signs of promise but really just showed how bad Waterloo really is.

That sounds like a great time. I am hoping to get out to the Vanier Cup this year and possibly do some coverage on the game if things work out.

Thanks for the link. They could also update this page as well:

Maybe provide an article to see how this year's draft class is doing.

I still think they need to provide a link to the highlights of the CIS games...

End of the first quarter in most OUA games right now.

York up 10-1 on Windsor. York has been looking decent on offence but the defence cannot stop Windsor on the ground at all, Crawford is killing it.

Ottawa up 7-3 over Mac. Haven't seen much of this one been watching the YU game but keeping an eye on it.

Queen's up 7-0 on Guelph.

Carelton up 7-0 on U of T

Western up 23-0 on Waterloo...Western may reach 100 today after losing last week.

Just an update with 4th quarters beginning.

Ottawa over Mac 24-6
Carelton over UofT 56-0
Guelph over Queen's 29-21
Western over Waterloo 61-7
York over Windsor 39-11

Results from out West earlier in the week
Regina over Manitoba 41-38
Calgary over UBC 35-8
Saskatchewan over Alberta 29-17

An interesting tidbit, with the Regina win, new head coach Steve Bryce is now the 2nd winning-est coach in team history with 1 win :lol: Frank McCrystal retired 2 years ago and Mike Gibson won 0 games last year and resigned.

As usual Brian Dobie (the youngest looking 67 yr old coach I've ever seen) over-rated his squad and has come out of the chute with back-to-back losses.

Squashed in their first outing but leading by 11 with 4 minutes to play in Regina a couple days back and basically passing out deep in Regina territory, allowing a massive comeback by the Rams.

0-2 for Mr. Positive.

Not end of world. In many cases 5-3 secures a playoff berth - in extreme cases 4-4 does the trick. At least that's the lie Dobie will be pushing on his Bisons. :cowboy: