CIS starts today?

anyone watchign CIS today? 1pm on the score.

It's actually week 3 for some teams and week 2 for most. It's amazing how time flies by.

Can't watch... have to speak at a college BBQ.

Go Mac !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exactly, SFU have LOST two games already! :roll:

And they will lose again next week When the Huskies dismantle them here in Saskatoon.

I really wish that the Score would show more Canwest games.

Go Huskies Go

anyone else find morreale's interview somewhat interesting?

Go Rams, Go Huskies!

I had a schedule for UWO, but I can't find it now... I'll have to check out their websites.

I couldn't get Vanier Cup tickets last year in Saskatoon... that would have been an amazing time even though the Huskies lost.

And now im once again back in Regina, gotta support both I guess.

Just checked and my Mustangs are now 0-2... Ouch.

i was at the SMU stfx game today. SMU won 28-22 in a close game. saint marys is a top 5 team nationally, and all 3 AUS teams this year are close as hell. anyone who bashes the AUS obviously dont know what they're talking about.. this year is one of the best in recent years here in the maritimes.

Question from an uneducated american...

Which is more popular in Canada..CIS or CCAA?

And...what's the difference?

Thanks in advance.


Canadian College Athletics Association. It doesn't have football teams and would generally be comparable to division 2 in US sports.

Go Bisons!