CIS starts this weekend too. Yes

I don't know about anyone else but I am almost as exited to watch CIS this week as I am to watch CFL. I get to watch my U of S Huskies beat the hell out of the Rams(I hate Frank McCrystal) on Saturday, and then I get to watch the Riders beat the bombers on Sunday (please).
But seriously it looks like its gonna be another showdown between the Huskies and the U of A golden Bears in the Can West again. They are ranked 2 and 3 in the country respectively. My Huskies lost almost all starting recievers this year (2 to the bombers actually, although they would be gone anyways) But Hec Creighton runner up Steve Bilan is back at QB, and should be able to spread the ball around to our new ones.
David Stevens is back once again at RB after another knee surgery, if he can stay healthy for once he will be awesome.
Our Defence is the best in the country though, last year they only allowed 11-12 points a game we Lost only 2 players, both at LB, but we have two players that will step in and may even be better. I honestly pity the oposing teams coming in that have to face this defence.

Its gonna be a good football weekend

If anyone else wants to give a run down of their CIS team on here it would appreciated.

I Bleed Green
Go Huskies Go
Go Riders GO

No wonder why you love CIS football so much: The Huskies are the winningest football team of your province !

Go Huskies!! Still love 'em!

I don't know too much about CIS because I just started following the UofMontreal Carabins last year.

Joseph Mroué, our HB, is one spectacular guy I'm eager to see again. Very agile runner. I don't know if he's good enough at breaking tackles to make it to the CFL, but he's got the legs and the groove. Could become a good kick returner maybe.

As well, I enjoyed watching the center, Teko Keyevuh. Man... that kid is HUUUUUUUUGE! He's bigger than most CFL linemen. He's 21 years old and weights 360 pounds !

Finally, I also liked Yves Bériault, who is an awesome kick returner (at least at CIS level). He can afford to to run back and cross the whole field to make a return on the other side if there's nothing open where he's heading at.

I hope I'll get to attend to some games.

Concordia beat McGill 33-25 yesterday to start the season, and a soldout crowd at University de Montreal, watched the defending Vanier Cup Champs Laval Rouge et Or beat the Carabins de Montreal 24-12. The Rouge et Or are going for there 3rd consecutive Vanier Cup Championship this year.

Brian Towers always seems to put together a good squad in Saskatoon.

Can't add much Billy. Pretty quiet at both UBC and SFU. Maybe their playing possum.

you are quite correct Sportsmen. His name is Towriss though not towers.
Ya He seems to always put together a great team, he always seems to get some great recruits from your province too.
I am not sure exactly how many Huskies are now playing in the CFL, but I know there are a lot, especially o-linemen.

Thanks for correcting my spelling....I figured I was out a bit. I remember 10-15 years ago the Huskies and Roughriders travelled together out here. Riders played the Lions and Huskies played at UBC. I think the Riders brought them as guests to BC place. Long long time ago.......

I LOVE going to Dinos games. I can't say I follow them like I follow the CFL, but I love the CIS. I know a couple of guys on the Dinos that went to my high school with me, so that's kinda neat. I do follow the CIS, I love watching it, it's so much fun ... but I don't know anything about any of the players (other than Jesse Lumsden). Oh, and I know the Dinos are gonna suck again :wink: Hopefully we pull out a surprise ...

Well, Soup, at least we agree on the 'Riders. I grew up watching the Rams play when they dominated the Junior leagues. I have no idea how they'll do this year, but it can't be any worse than last year. Hopefully we'll beat you on Saturday, but I don't expect it. And I won't mind too much. Huskies are my second favorite team - even had a friend who played for them when they won the Vanier Cup a few years back. Do you know if the game is on the radio anywhere?

It is definetly on Radio here in s'toon. I think CJVR. I am not sure what # that is. I know that I listened to a game when I was in Regina once, so you should be able to find it on one of the am stations.
As for the Rams. I just can't stand McCrystal. He jsut seems like such a slime ball. I have heard both good and bad things about him from players, but I got a real bad impression of him when I talked to him when I was in Senior bowl awhile back.

Rams & Huskies put alot of good talent in the CFL over the years... can you say Clermont... Hughes is another great player wallowing on cover teams..make him the team punter with the option to run on every punt lol.

All this Huskies, Rams and divisional fights talk is nice, but there is only one question that needs asking:

:twisted: Can you beat Laval? :twisted:

haha. That is a ood question 514. We should have last year. What a pathetic game. 7-1 geesh.
On a side note our Saturday columnist at the s'toon star pheonix, Cam Hutchinson, who basically just compiles a bunch of funny and interesting quotes and such and makes a column out of it, had this to say about todays game between the huskies and Rams: "After a long, hard trainging camp, it's nice that the University of Saskatchewan Huskies could open the Canada West football season with a bye"

Great stuff. I know his column is picked up in a few other papers, i think one of the edmonton ones gets him. Its my favorite column in the paper.

U of T will again go winless...that is a certainty.

[quote="Billy_Soup"] "After a long, hard trainging camp, it's nice that the University of Saskatchewan Huskies could open the Canada West football season with a bye"

Ha! Well said. 21-7 Huskies at half time, so he's well on his way to being proved right. Sounds like the Rams have a lot of really young players and it's showing.

final score 44-7 and it wasn't really close ever.
sorry cannuckev, Dinos lost 51-10 to the u of M Bisons.

as for the mighty might U of T team. i believe the score was something like 71-1.

For Western