CIS Stadiums

In this forums we have read great experiences from all ten CFL stadiums (incluiding the Big O), but I haven't read any topic about the CIS stadiums in Halifax, Quebec, London, Saskatoon, Sherbrooke, Burnaby, etc. I know there are CIS fans in this forum who go to the stadium, I was wondering if any one of you have stories to share about the college games.

i havn't been to a game in like 8 years but im going to McMahon stadium this saturday to see the Dinos play

Well stamps fan you are going to get a treat. The U of S Huskies really are a great team. They should have no problem with the Dinos. Unfortunately you probably won't get to see much of the Huskies starters since they already have 1st place locked up and don't want anyone getting hurt.

Drumheller I have only been to CIS game here in Saskatoon. We have a fairly small stadium, I think its only like 3-5000 people. BUt it can be quite a lot of fun. Usually its pretty packed, as the games are on saturday afternoons and a some of the university crowd comes. But for the most part I would have to say that is mainly family type crowd, with a lot of young kids, with Dads, A lot of high school kids. It is generally a fun time, might have to do with the Huskies rarely losing in the last 10 years.

Actually now that I think about it, I went to one game in Regina when the Huskies played there. I was somewhat intoxicated and we were on the visitor side, but it was a great time. It was a good game, it was when Daryl Leason (one of the best Canadian QB's in recent) and Jason Clermont played for the Rams, so there was a lot of passing, and it was a great game. The Huskies won the game, and went to the Vanier that year, but they lost.

Used to go a lot to JW Little Stadium at the University of Western Ontario to watch the Mustangs. Had a lot of good times there, a lot of fun having brews in the parking lot and sometimes sneaking some stuff inside. Only been to one game at the new Waterhouse Stadium, quite nice but I don't think the atmosphere is there in London as much as it was for football as it was back in early 70's when I was there. Although London did fill the place, some 15,000-16,000 for the Cats/Argos preseason game a couple of years ago.
I think that when the CFL gets better tv deals, and hopefully this happens, you could see someone in London maybe going after a CFL team and the city upgrading the stadium. Right now, owning a CFL team is still very much an uncertainty to make any money, which I think is a concern to the people out east looking for an expansion franchise. The CFL needs, and deserves from the tv numbers, better deals to help ensure some profit.

The PEPS in Quebec have around 10 000 place to sit. The crowd average between 15 000 and 20000. Personnaly i dont like going and have to stand up, so i only go when i have sitting place. Small stadium, big crowd, its not easy to get beers and hotdog. Even saw games were they didnt had enough beer to sell at the half ! The whole 2nd half without beer ! Scandalous ! :smiley: The crowd is great and into the game. The student section is particulary crazy and funny !

I'm going to see the University of Montreal visiting our Rouge & Or this saturday. Game is on RDS, i'm not sure about TSN. This is the game of the year in the Quebec conference, maybe the game of the year so far in the CIS. U&M only defeat came at the hand of the R&O, they come here with a vengeance. They are the team that can beat Laval imo, in our conference that is, didnt saw any team of the West, so its hard to tell from here. But with a two week rest, thanks to McGill, our boys will be fresh and ready for Montreal.

Go Laval Go !

Thunderbird Stadium is far away from everything. Its out at the UBC campus. Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby has been SFU's home for a long time. They currently share it with the Whitecaps.

There was some talk, (No substance yet) about the Lions working with the CIS teams and playing double headers at the dome. (CIS @ 2:00pm CFL @ 7:00) Don't know how that will play out for next year.

Griffiths Stadium (Saskatoon) is going to be an awesome stadium after renos are done next summer. With the new parkade and additions to locker rooms and concession stands, and new press boxes, and I beleive they are getting new rubber for the track as well, they could host the World University Games.

If our city council wasn't so idiotic, then we would be hosting the World Uni games. We had it, but our council vetoed it. I doubt we ever get another chance. Stupid, Stupid decision. would have generated millions in economy. Plus brought our city into the big world

I had a friend working on that bid. He was rightfully quite upset with that move from council. Quite shortsighted.

Well that was a no-contest ! :twisted: En route toward a 3rd Vanier Cup !

knock wood

Go Laval Go

The Rouge & Or will have to beat the Huskies in Saskatoon in order to make it to the Vanier Cup. That aint gunna happen in my lifetime. They're lined up for a good ol' fashion prairie but kicking.

I take your word on this ! See ya in three week :twisted: