CIS Schools Can Now Apply for NCAA Membership

The website reports that the NCAA has passed regulations allowing CIS schools to apply for membership in the NCAA. Interested CIS schools are required to apply by June 1st. The report indicates that the University of British Columbia is one of the schools interested in applying.

So, this means Charlie can go coach UBC and become the NCAA coach he (maybe, dont know, sleeping on it, maybe not after all) wants to again be?

I wonder, what would that mean for the Canadian College Draft and the import/non-import regulations in the CFL? Would Canadians playing at say, UBC or the UofA now be counted 'imports' because their Canadian school is technically in an American conference?

EDIT: assuming the NCAA accepts any of our universities in the first place.

Basically it means American kids will get full scholarships to Canadian schools regardless of their Grades. :thdn:

Import/Non Import refers to the persons nationality and the amount of time the person has lived in Canada, not where they went to school. That's why some Canadian born and raised kids can go to American schools and then be drafted as non imports by CFL teams.

In general, the football programs in the US are superior to those in Canada from Pee Wee on up. You can say the same about Canadian hockey programs versus US ones. US Kids out of the US system are typically better football players as rookies because they have the opportunity to play against the best from an early age. The second best football players as rookies tend to be Canadian kids that played US College football. In this case it's due to the amount of football resources available to these kids in the US system. Arguably, a kid playing Division 1 football in the US spends more time learning football then any other subject. Then, you have the Canadian university football system which has vastly improved in the last decade. But, it still tends to produce players who are great athletes, but just good football players. Many great Canadian CFLers take 1-3 years before they blossom. Andy Fantuz is a great example. Saskatchewan had to play him last year because of injuries and he showed immense raw talent. But, he could have used more bench and practice time to learn. Luckily, it looks like those rough times over the past 2 years haven't damaged him.

Simon Fraser athletic teams participated in NCAA games until recently. If I recall there were a large number of SF grads playing in the CFL and picked up in the draft.

As I understand it, this is not correct. The ratio requirement in the CFL defines a non-import neither by nationality nor by residence, but by the location where the player played organized football before university. Canadian players who played at high school level here and then go on to US universities are classified as non-imports because they played high school ball in Canada.

I know Simon Fraser did this in the past. But, I doubt very much that there will be any impact on the football scene. Nor will there be any big movement in the sports which are HIGHLY subsidized in the States, like basketball. Nor the sports, like baseball, in which the Americans are traditionally more involved.

If there is any movement, it will be in secondary sports like volleyball where the rules and participation are relatively equal. Table tennis, anyone?

SFU was in NAIA in the States not NCAA.

I guess I have to many Maple Leafs tatooed to me. I don't like it. Canadian Univerisities becoming "Americanized". Now they'll be playing American rules football. I can hear the Paul Godfreys in Vancouver getting their hands all sweatty about an NFL franchise to Vancouver. :frowning: :frowning:

Maybe it will be a wakeup call for CIS to start allowing Scholorships.

(Sporty now stands up, puts his right hand over his heart, and starts to sing the Canadian National Anthem!) :lol: :lol:

Sorry Wilf. The Athletic director at UBC Bob Phillips(?) can't wait to get his application for Football in.

May help reduce travel costs as well especially for schools out west due to geography.

Maybe I should have said 'very little impact' instead of 'any impact'

The defection of UBC will generate about as much impact as Simon Fraser's did in the past. Maybe to those in B,C.this matters,but here in the centre of the universe......

Tks sportsmen for the correction. Knew they played American teams and that was a big reason so many Simon Fraser grads ended up in the CFL because of the training and competition.

This would be great news, gives Canadian universities a chance to play at a higher level and our players to play against the best.

Hopefully, we can end the ridiculous "Canadian content" rule.
Wouldn't it be great if the CFL could play the best players and not have to play someone just because they are Canadian.