CIS regular season goes national on TSN!

Congrats TSN! Great to see TSN broadcasting a high profile regular season CIS game. I hope this becomes a regular of the week or similar.

It should be a weekly thing, game of the week variety.

Well my cable carries a canadian station and we get CFL games in the states but I would prefer college game over any pro game.I would watch CIS over the NFL if they played the games in the states.I think CIS football would do better in canada than the cfl if they marketed the product right.If I was TSN I would start a CIS college game day theme.Really bring Lee Corso up and let him make a prediction.Really I dont understand why canada does have the love of college football like the usa.

This is definitely good news. I might be more inclined to watch CIS football now. Every year I say I'm going to get into the Mustangs, and every year I forget. Just too much sports. CFL, NFL, and OHL all play at the same time. Then later on you have NHL and NBA. Plus the occasional NCAA game. Far too much sports...

That would be awesome if TSN carried all the CIS games, or even just a game of the week type thing. I watch a lot of CIS games on The Score & they do a fairly amateur job of the broadcast. Not trying to run them down, but they are pretty low budget. TSN would do an outstanding job!

Excellent to have CIS for sure, I’ll watch it over the NFL most of the time unless the game turns out crappy. Nice and yes, hope it’s a weekly thing. :thup:
Satan, The Score does ok with the CIS games I think.

CIS football is the most under-rated sport in Canada in my opinion. I too hope it turns into at least a game of thw week.

The Score has been a great supporter of the OUAA, but I want to see games with teams from the other regions as well. TSN could deliver this.

I thought it was interesting that the mod chose to move this from the CFL forum to 'other leagues'. While I recognize that this discussion does indeed centre on the CIS rather than the my opinion, the CFL needs to continue to enhance its relationship with the CIS.

A growth of interest in the CIS will greatly impact on the interest of the young fan in the CFL and the quality of ball in the CFL through sponsorships, scholarships, attracting athletes, etc. I think the CFL fan is interested in this, and the CFL could be doing more to grow CIS ball.

well done TSN! :rockin:

now if they could only bring back CFN (as an affiliate to CTV) and add the CJFL in there (I know their TV coverage is nonexistent, but one can dream)… heaven :thup:

TSN2 is supposedly considering greatly expanded coverage of CIS next season.

I just hope the CJFL is soon to follow, and they cover it like the CHL.

I don't think it will. Not enough teams in Jr. football, particularly in Ontario where the big potential audience is. But hopefully we'll be getting a PJFC team here in Lethbridge soon, now that we have a proper stadium. The University here certainly isn't showing any interest.

True, and most CJFL games aren't even taped, let alone make the TV, but I hope that changes someday. CJFL could and should be like the CHL IMHO.

Tht is not true CJFL games are all taped, just not all broadcast. All games are taped for scouting purposes. Even high school games are taped. (at least here in saskatoon)

Really? are they usable for broadcast? assuming that someone commentated them, but that could in theory be dubbed in. Then again, "silence" CFL games were fun to watch during the CBC's lockout.

For some reason, I keep thinking of Micheal Jackson's This is it movie when I think about how it's being taped.

The knock on CIS daftees into the CFL is their lack of rep,s. So why not CIs play some games vs CJFL-Increase the playing time for prospects in both , and combine the games with CFl for game day double headers :cowboy:

sounds like good ideas, especially the CIS vs. CJFL games, be kinda like preseason games for both. I'll let other posters say if it's workable or not.

out west the CJFL just could not hack it with the canwest. No chance. U of T might be an option, but U of S not a chance.

And of course the exception to the rule, the UofRegina Rams were formally the Regina Rams of the PFC. And they made it all the way to the Vanier Cup. They lost (haha Frank) and haven't been all that great since. During those years it is of note that they had current Roughriders Jason Clermont and Neil Hughes, along with Darryl Leason who was like 30 and one hell of a QB.

But a current CJFL team could beat no one out west.