CIS Quebec Conference segregating Colleges by Language !

The Q will be divided in two divisions with the French programs in one division and the English schools in the other to allow the English programs a chance at winning playoff games. The French Schools have won 37 consecutive playoff games against their English counterparts. Schools will play most of their games within their division and division winners will meet to decide who represents the conference in bowl games.

That's the solution they came up with ! This will completely skew the National rankings. They claim this will improve parity!

Sorry the source is in French but someone always asks for one so...

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One, the French, operates out of the spirit of amateur athletics, the other, the English, abides by what universities are about, the spirit of amateur athletics. Makes sense to me. :wink:

Just let the English Univeresities join the OUAA - East with Queens, Ottawa U and Carleton.

Maybe mike but then the OUAA has a lot of teams, maybe too many?

Well both hockey leagues did merge right now there are 19 teams and a 20th joining next year as with football i think 18 teams would be the ideal number.

What the Q has done really without labelling it that way is create a system like a Div1/Div2.

Yes Earl, One of the top Canadian recruits out of the CEGEP was heavily recruited by Western for two years but the kid could not meet the academic requirements. No problem joining Laval...

Yes Hf. If you can write your name and that's about it you can probably get into Laval if you're good at football. :wink:

Having 2 divisions each with three teams does not make sense to me. Laval is off by itself with respect to university football. The other French U teams like the 3 English ones also cannot beat Laval. Perhaps Laval should compete against the lower ranking NCAA schools like U of Vermont, U of new Hampshire and others in the North East division?

And maybe the NFL champs should play against the MLB champs…both play on grass right.

While both are gridiron football, they are not the same game.

I think Laval would have a harder time in the Oua and maybe its time we merge the Oua and Quebec league.

Travel time might be an issue though.

Have one division with the 6 Quebec schools and Carleton/Ottawa the the other division with the other 7 teams plus one new team as for schedule have 7 games in your division and 2 games vs the other division.