CIS playoffs

Just want to let anyone know that in case you're missing Canadian football, the Yates Cup and the Hardy Cup are being televised today. I can't find the Dunsmore or the AUS final on the tube anywhere. Good football is being played !!!

I’ll be the first to thank you, I am usually all over CIS football and have followed from afar this season but totally slipped my mind Yates Cup was being played today. I now know what I am doing! :cowboy:

Les go Guelph only because my girlfriend went to Western and I enjoy making fun of her when her school inevitably loses each year.

Not too happy all four games are being played at the same time. Remote gymanstics I guess.

…this I did not know, for real? That is ridiculous scheduling done by the CIS…

OUA at 1pm, then AUS and CW at 2pm? That’s just dumb. All three should be great games sucks viewers will have to play remote conductor to watch action from every one.

You are more than welcome. Last weekend two games were shown too. I used to love watching on a Saturday any games I could. Now all we get are the playoffs. By the way, I'm cheering for Western.

I can only find two games televised in Ontario.

two of the games start at 1300ET and two start at 1400ET !

Weird hey. I'm in Atlantic Canada and I get the AUS game on Bell FibreOp, the Q is on TVASports the CW on Global. Only the OUA game isn't being shown on TV out here.

this is ridiculous and a terrible strategic (or non-strategic) model to grow the game at it's grass roots.
The CFL would be mercilessly vilified (justifiably so) had they scheduled simultaneous playoff/division matches.

this just coincides with the CIS and Rogers foolishly removing the Vanier Cup as a CFL partner and lead in for the Grey Cup which has and will regress the popularity of the football program for many years to come.

talk about being short-sighted.

...Go Dinos!

CIS Football is awesome!!!!!!

WOW ! What an exciting Yates Cup. Nice to see a close clean game. Congrats Guelph.

UBC Thunder Birds - 34
Calgary Dinosaurs - 29


Coach Blake NIll has those UBC boys playin' REAL big!

He's got a shot. X isn't very good. They have one play maker #8 Dixon
Montreal didn't look very good.

My guess it will be UBC vs Guelph

Why O why isn't Nill coaching in the CFL and for that matter, Marshall too ? I know Marshall has, but I don't think he was given a fair chance. I wish the Bombers would give either of these guys a shot.

Why would they want to? Give up job security and control of their programs to take an assistant's job in the CFL which is all they'd be offered...and I doubt the money they make is much less than they'd make in the CFL.

I understand what you're saying and that is really my point. I should have specified HC jobs. Can't have those Canadians as HCs in the CFL can we ? :roll: ... i forgot to mention Constantin. Wouldn't he be a good fit for the Als ?

Nill was my pick as HC for the Als last year. :frowning:
Another guy who would be a very good OC and fast tracked as a HC is Kelly Jeffrey. HC at Mount Allison.

Surprised to see how fast Nill made a difference with the T-Birds. Calgary rolled over everybody most of the year, and I thought the game against UBC would be a slam-dunk for the Dinos. Wrong!

Story is that some well to do UBC football alum got together and allowed the team to make Nill and offer "he couldn't refuse".