CIS Playoffs

Who wins the Uteck Bowl?

Acadia @ Laval

Who wins the Mitchell Bowl?

Calgary @ McMaster

Laval @ Calgary

laval simply has a better team and Acadia lack of competition will certainly hurt them.
For MAC and Calgary. The OUA has become the most competative conference. MAC will certainly come into the game more tested with Guelph, Quenns, Western and even Windsor sporting good teams with a lot of talent. The west has become weaker over the past 5 years with alot of western talent coming to the OUA. UBC, Alberta, and even Manitoba were really bad. U of S is always good competition but were not really up this season and Regina had some really talented players. Calgary just seems to be a team with tons of talent but undiscilplined. the Hardy Cup was a perfect example big lead over Regina but did not take care of the ball giving regina all kinds of chances. MAC was more disciplined as Guelf is an excellent comeback team that takes advatage of turnovers but MAC took care of the ball the second half ensuring no Guelf Comeback

MAC and LAVAL rematch in the Making only this time it will be at Rogers Centre in the EAST. A home game for MAC and although it is roughly 10 hrs from QC to Toronto. I am not sure what the train lines are like from QC but a 3 hr distance from Montreal and an easy train from Montreal to Toronto would be well within reasonable for Laval fans considering that it is a rematch.
A Mac Laval Match up would certainly break a Vanier cup attendance record. I wonder if they will cancel classes at Laval on thur and friday ?

Even if Mac is in the final i don't think it will break the record sure you will have Mac fans make the trip but will Toronto fans go in large numbers i doubt it.

Does anyone know what the record is for a vanier cup in the stands.
Laval vs Mac in rogers centre. Cant get much closer for teams reping conferences in an enclosed comfort venue. With so Many OUA teams in and around the GTA there may be some other teams players and fans go to the game to watch.
MAC would have to win first of course

32,000+ seems to be the largest vanier cup crowd since 1965 was 1989 at skydome western vs U of SASK. last year 24,000+ for a laval MAC matchup on the other side of the country. A rematch should be a record for attendance SHould it be Mav and Laval rematch.

You really think Toronto fans would pack the stadium?

$58 is the price for a Vanier cup ticket.Too expensive for many fans.

That is kind of steep but if a Laval vs MAC game drew 24,000 on the other side of the country would have to think that more will attend being in the east. If It is Mac and Laval any other match up would not draw as well.
The Laval faithful we most likely come by the masses seeking revenge and with the game being indoors it could draw interest from others around the OUA who most likely would not have gone if it was outside like when it was at Ivory Wynn last in 2008 with western and Laval. again this hinges alot n whether MAC and Laval both advance.
We shall se though.

yes, the 1989 Vanier is the highest recorded attendance figure for CIS football at 32,847, although this number may have been skewed by the fact that it was during the inaugural season of the Skydome which contributed to artificially inflated attendance due to the novelty factor.

for instance, the Als set astronomical regular season game attendance records (approx 68,000) during the first two years in the newly constructed Olympic Stadium, yet fell dramatically soon thereafter, as did attendance in the Skydome for the Argos.

A better indication may be the 2007 Vanier Cup at the Skydome/Rogers Centre which attracted 26,787 patrons for a game involving St. Mary's and Manitoba, which are excellent numbers considering the lack of relevance to the Southern Ontario market.

A Mac/Laval rematch could possibly surpass both aforementioned attendance figures I would imagine.

My guess is it will be around 26,000 it will be like a home game for Laval.

jay2015 wrote: My guess is it will be around 26,000 it will be like a home game for Laval.
don't you mean like a home game for Mac? :?

A Laval vs Mac game could have the makings of a 30,000+ game with a neutral site big time college football feel with those 15,000 faithful laval fans that will pack Peps for the Uteck + others making the trip to Rogers on one side and 15,000 from Mac on the other side. Calgary win would throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing.
Could be a preview of things to come in the CIS were one day there is interlock play and a series of games one a week pit the top teams from each conference in a super series of non league games each year.

What ever the attendance number is going to be, I’m going to be one of them. Though I am concerned about how Mac is going to handle the long grueling road trip to Toronto… :lol:

It might be wise for them to stay in a hotel downtown near the dome.

With both teams blowing out their Bowl Game opponents, this one should be good. McMaster's at home and ranked higher, so I'll take them for the Vanier Cup.

Record Breaking Crowd appears to be on the way to becoming a reality almost 30,000 tickets have already been purchased and they have began opening up the 500 level for ticket sales for $40.00

Well as I predicted the Vanier Cup will break the record for the largest capacity. They have already almost sold out the lower bowls of Rogers centre which seats about 31,000 and the 500 level has been opened now on both sidelines between the 30 yard lines for 40 bucks a ticket. 35,000 is expected for sure maybe more.
Now with the Vanier cup getting the 2 best teams maybe the Mitchel and Uteck bowls which are now shown on TSN and RDS needs to tweek the system as both games were blow outs and the OUA and the franco school in the Q are now not just seperating themselves from the AUS but also the West. The OUA is now nationslly recruiting offering swag new uniforms, new facilities and better weather. lets face it with the OUA being shown on the score and the west being shown on shaw TV in the west region which school do you think the top recruits from the west may now want to go to.
The west playoffs were brutally cold and if you were a top recruit from the west where would you want to go.
The west has already been losing top recruits to the states in the dakota schools which all have indoor fotball facilities and play at the 1 AA and DII level which is the level that the CIS is on. Now they will need to compete with losing recruits to another CIS conference in the OUA.
Any way when the CIS playoffs get down to the qtr final matches which is now the conference championships should take a look at crossing over when they get to that game. The Top seed from each conference could host a home game to the 2nd seed from the other conference. it is obviouls that the Bowl semi finals are not getting the top 4 teams in the country. The semis should have the top 4 teams regardless of conferance the OUA or the Q franco schools over the past 5 years both may have had 2 of the top 4 teams. the AUS with Acadia certainly was not even close to being a top 4 team and Calgary who has only beaten the AUS school in the playoffs are borderline top 4. crossing over for the Hardy, Dunsmore, Loney, and Yates would give the best 4 teams to get to the semi finals for a much better semi final bowl game which is shown nationally on TSN and RDS.

That'll be great to see a big crowd at the Vanier. :thup: Canadian football is looking excellent these days, that's for sure!