CIS Playoffs

Who do you have? Who do you root for?

One question. How did McGill get in with 4 points over Bishop's, who had 5? Anyone?


St Marys
Mt Allison




[url=] ... Bishop%27s[/url]

Answer is in the link.

McMaster vs Montreal in Vanier Cup, so sick of seeing Laval

Thanks, dude.

I agree. Anybody but Laval! Won’t be able to make the OUA semi final in Guelph this weekend as I have other plans, but I’ll be at the Yates Cup next weekend where ever it is.

THE University of Regina Rams, obviously.

Final Top 10

  1. McMaster (1)
  2. Laval (2)
  3. Calgary (3)
  4. Montreal (4)
  5. Guelph (5)
  6. Queen’s (6)
  7. Regina (7)
  8. Western (8)
  9. Acadia (9)
  10. Sherbrooke (NR)

Wouldn't that be grand? the Als win the Grey Cup and the Carabins win the Vanier

Personally I would find it more grand if the U of S Huskies won the Vanier and the Rider won the Grey Cup, but thats just me. Both teams have a hard road ahead of them.

So who wins all these Conference championship games?

Loney Bowl (AUS)
St Mary's @ #9Acadia

Coupe Dunsmore Cup (RSEQ)
#10 Sherbrooke @ #2Laval

Hardy Cup (Canada West)
#7Regina @ #3Calgary

Yates Cup (OUA)
#5Guelph @ #1McMaster

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Acadia should win but last weekend had some upsets. I would LOVE to see laval eliminated and after Sherbrooke shocking Montreal last week I think they could do it. Simple math says that the Dinos should have it easy here but the Rams are a strong and surprising team so don't count them out. aAter last weeks great comeback against Queens, Guelph definitely has the right stuff...BUT...McMaster pretty much has ALL the stuff so I don't see an upset here.

With Macmaster already wellin out ticket to the yates CUp earlier in the week they are considering adding some additional seating to the Capacity 6,000. Imagine If Pan Am stadium were open. That will most likely leave a lot of fans left on the outside without tickets. I am sure with Guelph fans less than an hour away both Guelph and Mac fans would have been able to attend the game if Pan AM stadium were open this season. Sure they would not sell out the 23,000 regular seats but with the way that the Pan AM stadium is set up it has the lower and upper levels divided so the lower level 10,000 seats being sold out would still make for an electrifying atmosphere with. The University ADs, presidents, Top alumni, and other dignitaries could watch the game from the new luxury suites.
The same would be said in they were to make it to the National semis especially if it was a year that the OUA was to host the RSEG and laval was in the game. It would truly make it a super special event that no one would get shut out of.
Just another use that the new stadium in Hamilton could be used for.

Its far better to sell out a small stadium then have a large stadium with 10,000-14,000 empty seats.

You are most likely right but CIS playoff football may be moving in that direction in the near future. If there were to be 12-15 thousand that would buy tickets I think they would have to consider that in the future. Pan Am stadium has the set up where the upper and lower levels are nicely seperated and could fill the lower levels much like MLS teams do that use larger venues. Like the White caps and Sounders.
Just dreaming as I like to do and hope that is the direction CIS football is headed with the conferance championship games boosting to 12-15 thousand in the future with the conferance teams being so near each other with a short drive.

St Marys is up 3-0 on Acadia in the second. Watch it here:

Acadia up 10-6 at the half.

Guelph is up 3-2 on McMaster in the first:

Laval over Sherbrook 7-0 in the first:

saint Mary's has an awesome ground game with a freshman RB. No QB though as coach Sumarah took his QB with him to Carleton. Maybe a team that Jordan Yantz would be interested in. Saint Mary's has everything but a QB

Well, the Ontario and Quebec games are both duds.

I thought this might be the Rams year, but they have no ground game. Close for 3 quarters in Calgary, and then the Dino's run away (and over) with it. The AUS has been pretty weak and getting weaker since Nill left St. Mary's. It would be a major upset if Laval is not in the Vanier, and I think we'll get to see a good game with McMaster against Calgary.

The AUS was very week but Saint Mary's who lost there coach and QB to Carleton got a lot better as the season went on. they have a powerful running game led by a freshman and a strong defense and almost beat Acadia and Hec trophy niminee kyle Graves the only team with a winning record i the AUS. The only thing that Saint Mary's was missing was a QB as they have no one that can through. They may have been a better match up for Laval actually by pounding it out on the ground like they did against Acadia