ST. Mary’s 37 Acadia 8
Laval 22 Sherbrooke 17
Ottawa 25 Western 23 1:09 4th

Western 26 Ottawa 25
Western will play Laval

Awesome. I went to Western. As they say, "Follow the Mustangs".

Alberta - Calgary 300pm MST anyone know if this game is on TV? It is not on in my area, I can watch three U.S. collage games if I want but not CIS playoffs, doesn't seem right.

Got home from work just in time to catch most of the fourth quarter of the Western/Ottawa game. Great game. Two years in a row now that the Yates has come down to the last few seconds. Great entertainment for those who bother to take the time to find it.

Check out the finish of the Laval - Sherbrooke game when the hi-lights come up on a sports cast.

Ah Steve, it pains me to hear that. You seem like a nice guy.

At my school there were shirts available that said: "I'd rather step in moose ___ at Lakehead than sleep with it at Western."

I don't condone either practice but it does depict a sentiment shared across the province. I remind my brother-in-law (the Western undergrad) of it at times like these.

Go Red & Gold!

Just watched the Mustang-Gee Gee game I PVR'ed. Wow! Enough said, what a friggin game. :o

The Mustang football program is underappreciated in London compared with the Knights but them I'm more a football fan than hockey fan, that's for sure.

Calgary 56 Alberta 3
Calgary will play ST.Mary's



That 'Stangs game was awesome!!

I saw only the last 10 minutes of this one or so. But it was an entertaining one that could've easily gone either way.

That was interesting. I don't know how Laval made that mistake, giving Sherbrooke one last chance. Kind of like how there was one second on the clock after what turned out being the game-winning FG in the Western-Ottawa game.

And so a team coached by Greg Marshall wins yet another Yates Cup. Congratulations to him, and his son, starting Mustangs QB Donnie Marshall.

Laval did not beat Sherbrooke by much. The last time Western played Laval, it was the 2008 Vanier Cup at IWS. Will they have better luck next week?

Stangs will likely get smacked by the Rouge et Or but honestly I don't know that much about how they actually stack up agains't each other.

Just heard Dan Maciocia has been hired as the head coach of the University of Montreal Carabins.

Last year, the Rouge et Or thought they'd blow past Queen's, but they didn't.... Anything can happen in the playoffs.

True enough PiCat.

Semi Final Saturday doubleheader on TSN starting at noon EST.

Laval 6 Western 1 3:00 2nd Quarter

Western's punter just recovered his own punt

Western 8 Laval 6 Half time

Western kicker recovers his own punt on the Laval's 35, Western pushes the ball to the 1, fumbles, Laval recovers, but are flagged for being offside, Western pushes it over for a touchdown, or is that a touche in french.