R&O are a Super was just the Huskies turn this year...Bilan had something to prove from last years debacle

i've never realy watched cis before but the laval saskatchewan game was a great. but how can a team meet in the VC one year and then be rated 1 and 2 and meet in the semi finals could someone tell me how the works?


stamps fan, how it works is There are 4 divisions in CIS, Atlantic, Ontario, Quebec, and Can West. The two semi finals(uteck and mitchell) rotate somehow, not sure exactly, but basically they are on some schedule, where the Quebec meets Canwest, and ontario meets atlantic, last year was can west vs ontario I think, and quebec vs atlantic. The home teams also rotate, somehow. It is in no way determined by ranking or anything like that. In fact the Ranking of a team has absolutely nothing to do with anything. They mean as much as Drumming_god's power rankings.

As for the game. It was good one. Huskies completely shut down LAval's runing game, but you guys should be happy with that rookie QB you have. He should be around for awhile and will only get better. I told you it would be the David Stevens show, he didn't get as much as I thought he would, a credit to the LAval defence. he was still the only RB to get 100 yds on laval.
Bilan played alright. could have played better. a few dropped balls hurt him. Defence played strong as usual. I feel bad for Laurier, the defence is getting at least 2 of 4 starters back for the Vanier.
Good game Laval. the outcome was a little closer then I thought it would be, but it still showed who the better team was, and it definetly showed which division is the best in the country.

Full marks to Sask and congrats!
but a 2 point win at home in freezing Sask. on that horrific field does not prove to me which division is better!

Let me explain the better division coment. Laval, murdered everyone they played. Except the one game against Montreal. Sask had to fight for many of their game sto win them. especially against Manitoba and Alberta. If Laval would have had better competition throughout the year they would have been a better team. No team had done anything on Laval. Even the Laval coach said before the game that their stats were a bit deceptive because they had not played very good teams most of the year. Thats my point on the Division thing.

All Hail the Huskies. Congrats , it was a great game you played ! A monster O-Line, monster D-Line, the best RB we face this year, good luck to the Vanier Cup!

I' just glad the R&O didnt quit and make it a game at the end.

I got the frist game right :shock:

how abou the other?

Acadia got run over by Laurier

Huskies to win Vanier Cup by 18 points (or more) over Wilfred Laurier.

Huskies 34
Golden Hawks 16

I agree with Billy in his interpretation of the Canada West having the parody and overall competion factor higher than the other conferences.

Well, 50 50 on a guess isn't bad.

and I'll go with Kman7 prediction, Huskies over Hawks.

You have a point, but I have trouble basing things on that game. That football field was terrible and Laval had never played on it and it was freezing, hey that's football and Sask deserved the win and they have a great team. But if thatgame was played in Quebec City, it would not have been the same.

I think you could base it on both games that the Huskies and Laval have played in the last two years. Despite our QB throwing 5 interceptions in the Vanier, Laval was held to 7 points. And that was at Hamilton with field turf. Last year we couldn’t do anything againts you on offence, but we were using a 4th string RB and a QB with a torn oblique, who like I said 5 int’s. This year other then the 4th qrtr, the Huskies dominated. Good game by both, and now the Huskies are gonna walk all over Laurier.

Like i said above, what a monster D & O-Line you guys have. Well deserved win !

Coach Constintine was crying over the confrontations his players had with Huskie fans after the game on Saturday. “Boo Hoo, my players weren’t treated very nice, boo hoo” . Hey Coach, does 1999 ring a bell with you when the Huskies went to Laval for a playoff game ? Welcome to the west baby !!! Every game the fans are like that here, they make every team wish they never came.

Pardon me, I spelled coaches name wrong, Constantin. I apologize.

See ya next year :twisted:

Kman, I read that article as well. And I will disagree with you. I don't like it how apperantly one fan "hit" (doesn't get into any kind of discription) a Laval player. And I definetly don't like the reports of the Spitting. We were yelling all game but that doesn't mean we are gonna acost anybody. Thats just bad sportsmanship.
Although Constantin did seem to easily forget the game in 99

We do not know what happened on field, one of the Laval players said it wasn't that bad at all. They had told the reporter that their fans are worse. So why were they complaining when, Constantin said later that it wasn't an issue ?