All right ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned to TSN today (saturday) for and amzing football treat. First you get Acadia Axemen against the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks in the Uteck Bowl at 12 et. and then at 3 et (1 pm local) The #2 U of S Huskies vs the #1 Laval Rouge et Or. This game has been predicted since last year's Vanier snooze fest of 7-1. Fear not however, This game will have a lot more action. The game is being played in Saskatoon, and trust me the field isn't in the greatest shape. If you think Commenwealth is bad, this is way worse. So there will most likely be some slips by some defenders, creating some breaks for both offenses to get some points on the board. This will be the first legitimate challenge Laval has faced all year (well Montreal I guess) and it should be a fantastic game. Featured in the game is Last years Hec Crighton nominee QB Steve Bilan, and This years Nominee RB David Stevens all dressed in Green and White. David Stevens has not had a game with less then 120 yds this year. Bilan took a while to adapt to 4 new recievers but he has, and the offence is rockin. Both teams have an awesome Defence, Laval ranked #1wih like 9 pts/game and U of S at #2. w/ 12 pts/game.
Whoever can break the defence will win this game. My bets are on the home team to win. and not just win, but win convincingly.

Lets Go dogs

And ya, watch the game. The more people watch it the more games they will show next year hopefully, and that is good for everyone.

I'll go with:

Huskies over Laval (and that was a cool VC last year, boring, yet cool)

Axemen over Hawks

that's a rough guess, I haven't follow the CIS much at all.

Golden Hawks all the way baby!

Like the shirts on campus say: "We've Got Big Hawks!"

and after the games , CFL COUNTDOWN , 7PM est on , TSN

GO HAWKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

GO S. HUSKIES GO!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

thanks for the heads up , Billy Soup :smiley:

Huskies had a not 100% Bilan, and no Stevens last year... Today thats the difference.. GO HUSKIES!

Golden Hawks in contol, middle of the 4th Quarter. 31-10

Looks like they're stamping their ticket to the Vanier.

Who's going to be the opponent?

Alas, Acadia is fallen! Woe is me.

However, go U of S!!

29-12 Huskies, 2:00 left i nthe 3rd.

LAVAL is now 3 points behind .....................

29 to 19.........for the HUSKS.......getting interesting!

I take it you didn't watch it on RDS.....the game actually ended about 45 minutes ago..... :smiley:

who won?

I'm not going to spoil it for you if you're watching it..... :smiley:

well I hope it was , will be the HUSKIES

the HUSKIES won 29-27......there, i spoiled it.

WOW , great and what a game. :shock: :smiley:

I was watching it on , TSN HD

CONGRATS on the win. :smiley:

HAWKS VS. the V. CUP , in HAMILTON. GOTTA , get my tickets!

WTG nice to see at least one Sask Team that doesnt let there fans down :slight_smile:

I like when i'm right :smiley:

:shock: Billy_Soup :evil:

Your lamatrons have beaten the R & O. My congratulations and best regards to you (after all my pre-game insults in the VGCC thread). :oops:

On another subject matter, I have to say it felt weird that that game wasn't played in Quebec. When the defending and undefeated Vanier Cup champ has to play a game on the road in the playoffs, it feels strange. One of the downsides of the CIS playoff system. Note that this is not an excuse, you won fair and square with the rules everybody plays with. :wink: