CIS places age limit at 24 starting 2014

This comes into effect next season. I like it. Should level the playing field quite a bit.

Laval probably didn't vote for this move I bet. Maybe it'll push them to go into the NCAA?

I don't like it. Penalizes students who maybe can't afford to go to school right away, or want to do something else for a bit.
Penalizes students who want to play Junior football too.

Well they have at least four players who would lose eligibility next season including their star kicker Boris Bede. They will request exemption for these players. Should not be a problem. I don't think. This will end guys playing 3 years of Junior ball and Cegep guys some playing four years.

I see it differently. Its more either/or. Ends Junior teams being used as farm teams for sure.

I personally don't see junior teams being a farm team (even though they aren't) as a bad thing. I think of junior as a weaker league of football and CIS as higher. There is nothing wrong with a player wanting to max out his number of years playing football. The only people this helps is the crappy Universities, it definitely does not help the athletes.

This rule is long time coming. Still remember when the defensive secondary for the Manitoba Bisons who were playing for the Vanier Cup in Toronto on a Friday were on average older than the Bombers secondary that was to play 2 days later on the Sunday. CIS football was meant to be a place for kids coming out of high school to continue their football development and for some, take thye next step to the CFL not for guys who are 27 and still "livin the dream".

Agree (especially with the first part), but does Junior ball not count towards eligibility?

Yes it does, but I thik only after the second year. So you could play 2 years Juniour and then 5 years CIS. I think that is how it worked.

Will this apply to all CIS sports? Or just football?

I believe basketball is undertaking similar steps as they too have had incidents of guys playing down south then continuing on their "college" careers up in the CIS late into their 20's (or even worse on a few occasions)

So if an 18 year old who's birthday is say in July takes 2 years off after HS to earn some money for school or travel or whatever, he won't be able to play his fourth year? Interesting. Bogus, but interesting.

In the example you mention, the guy could take 2 years off, start playing CIS football at age 20, and play for the maximum of 5 years. He would be 24 at the beginning of his 5th season and would not turn 25 during the calendar year of that season.

No, he would be 21 when he started playing...18 and HS grad, 19 in the summer + 2 years and into Uni.

At any rate, my point its that maybe they should address the issue of previous playing experience effecting eligibility instead of openly discriminating based on one's age.

OK. I thought you meant that the guy turned 18 after graduating from high school.

You are not penalizing anyone who wants to be a student at any age but you are keeping programs from taking advantage by having men playing agains boys.
Lets face it in 2012 season it was ridiculous for Freddy Plesius to return to Laval, same with Nacon - gadon. They had 4 seasons of University football eligibilty used as well as a mid CEGEP league where players of all the same 18 and 19 year old age can play instead of sitting out a freshman year or not making a game roster all year.
CEGEP will still help tremendously with the development of football players in Quebec it will just give them 4 years of varsity eligibilty instead of 5.
Same with players in Saskatchewan who play two years of Junior football instead of just practicing with the Varsity but still can take a lighter class load at U of R or U of S. Still a nice advantage to have a competative level of Junior football in place to mature before entering into the University football program.

I like it and agree with it. First off, the biggest problem with the CIS (at least in Football) is the lack of pairity. It's always the same univerisities. Calgary, Sask or Manitoba win the Hardy, Western or McMaster win the Yates, Laval wins the Dunsmore from Montreal or Concordia and the Huskies or the Axemen win the east (although to be fair it's a conference of four). This helps that as the larger universities can't field as many full vet teams that hurt the smaller universities who don't have the same base and have to go with younger guys.

For any kid who needs to get his finances is order and wants to play football, that is what the junior football system is for. It's so kids out of highschool who couldn't make it to a CIS university due to finances, grades or what have you, have a place to go. It's not meant to be a pre-trainer to extend your football career into your late 20s.

Last, it helps the CFL and helps put an end to drafting a player and having to wait on the player to finish his CIS eligibility. Teams can address their needs immediately, more effectively and interfere less with a player's schooling and future plans by drafting early.

I like it its much cleaner and clearer. It keeps it as a student athlete sport. Quebec is a little different with there school system but still ending HS in 11th grade 12th grades season in CEGEP than tow more years and still have four years of fottball eligibility.
Saskatchewan Kids can still play a year or two at the Junior level while taking a light class loads to get elegible if needed and still have 4 to 5 years of eligibilty.
As for a kid who is held back ayear before he starts school in the 1st grade or is held back a year when transferring from a community school to some kind of private football school.
Safety is talked about but a 26 year old man playing University football is not safe.
Laval will cry but taking advantage of the system to have a powerhouse football team. 5-7 rule was on the right track but put an age limit on it and there will be no oversights or no manupulating the system

I don't like the age limit per se. The previous rule should have been good enough to stop guys from playing 5 yrs in jr then 5 more in CIS. When I played CIAU (as it was then called) basketball in the late 70s there were a few players who were noticeably older than most and no one complained about it.