CIS Northern 10 Petition

If you want CIS football to grow across the country, please take a moment to sign this petition to push discussion regarding the Northern 10 conference. If you're unfamiliar with what I'm referring to, take a look here: [url=] ... story.html[/url]

Petition HERE:

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Interesting idea for sure, but they will be facing an uphill battle with the cranky stuffed shirts running the conferences who think they know whats best and frown upon anyone else stealing their thunder.

One very encouraging thing to take from this early setback is that Canada West is all for this; hopefully they can help push the OUA, RSEQ and AUS in the right direction.

To be honest though, the future of the Northern 10 conference could come down to how much noise CIS football fans make about wanting to see it become a reality...

who would be in the Northern 10 (or Northern 8 )?

OUA for sure and likely some RSEQ teams are hesitant due to the format.
The fromat which sees games count on there league standings.
The same league standings which position you for playoff spots and home games that lead to national semis and the big prize at the end.
I dont want to offend anyone by using the NCAA as an example. The goal is the same to bring a bigger and more National profile to CIS football. By matching the best teams from the conferences against each other they will do that. It my count towards the National rankings of teams but not as far as playoff positioning to their respective teams.
OUA has already stated that teams all have a bye week and they can play these high profile interlock match ups and they will. But not at the cost of having a close game loss to another National power keep be the difference between being the top seeds and a home game.
RSEQ the same they do play vs AUS teams. I am not sure if it counts to their RSEQ standings as it does to the AUS teams. Even so the top RSEQ teams are a world difference than their AUS so their is no real threat of losing and making a difference between home field.
The teams with no realistic chance of winning the RSEQ anyway give themselves a profile in Atlantic Canada to recruit.