CIS: McGill's Redmen season cancelled

In light of the hazing that happened in McGill at the opening of the CIS season, the administration of the university decided to cancel the remaining games of the McGill Redmen. The season is over for them.

I've seen that in a couple of media this morning, but none said what will happen to the teams McGill had yet to face this season. McGill was supposed to play the Vanier Cup champions, Laval Rouge & Or, this weekend.

Anybody knows what'll happen to these other teams' schedules?

Good move on the part of the university, no room for this kind of crap although perhaps the penalty is a bit stiff, I don't know.
Yes, who knows what will happen with the McGill games, will be interesting to watch.

Ok, so in the light of some guys were being jack *****, Mcgrill has forfited it's remaining games???

I predict a riot in Montreal.

Actually, on second thought, my guess is that a lot of rugby players are laughing at this as I've heard that rugby teams antics are second to none. Maybe they just haven't got caught like the football players.


well, good news is tha Manitoba is moving up one spot in the rankings. :smiley:

A riot? I don't even think there will be a protest.

why not? if this happened to the Florida Gators, I'd be cheezed off! (and I don't follow NCAA football that much)

Because the most important thing at McGill is respectability. If you disagree with the decision, then you position yourself like you think it was no big deal.

And McGill is mostly composed of students in law, engineering and health sciences. Sport isn't vital to them. The University itself always took pride in its sports teams, but the students have never really filled the stands.

Some people will be disappointed that's for sure. But they won't do anything about it.

As well, it could have triggered more controversy had the Redmen been playoff bound, but they really weren't going anywhere this season, so... who will really care?

OK, now I understand, I wasn't aabout to write anything to the U or anything, 3nd.

I'd be ****** if that happened at my university, though I haven't been to a game yet. I love pro sports more than college.

I think it was a good message to send that this sort of thing won't be tolerated anymore.... and good to have a team that was 1-5 giving up their season. I'm sure if this had happened at Laval or at the U of S, there might be less inclination to cancel the season with the records of the teams.... but I would hope that if they thought that was the only way to adequately punish the teams for allowing it to go on, that they would take that step.

.....Third, I think by forfeiting the season they not only forfeit any remaining games but also the games they have played........meaning any previous wins will be reversed in the standings........

Regarding the gravity of the allegation concerning the McGill hazing, that was a call that should have been made a few weeks ago.

you see the call in the ONTARIO HOCKEY LEAGUE?

Well, I guess McGill's administrators wanted to take time to verify the allegations before they cancel everything. They would have looked quite terrible had they cancelled the season and THEN discover the accusations were false.

RedandWhite, do you mean that all Redmen's game will automatically go down as victories and some teams will finish the season with only 7 games played?

.....I think what will happen is all the Redmen games played to date will be nullified, whether they won or lost, and the teams they played will all get a W-by-default for each game will be as if the Redmen forfeited before the season even began.....I could be completely wrong though, they may only forfeit the remaining games......what do I know? I'm a greased-up Speedo wearing non-catchable stampeder fan.....

Ok, here's another propably stupid question, but I have never witnessed such situation (forfeit of a season) before.

If the games played against McGill are nullified, do players from opposing teams lose the statistics they got in these games? Wouldn't that be punishing the whole league?

I can't see them getting rid of games already played, if for no other reason than the stats as you've just mentioned third. Besides, they played the games, the outcomes shouldn't be revised after the fact.

I think the new ones would most likely be wins for the opposing teams, but the standings and stat totals should reflect what happened on the field.

I think this should have happened a while ago. They could have gotten to the bottom of this before now. I bet they were just gonna see how the season went, and since it wasn't going that well (1-5) they decided to cancel it.
If they were gonna cancel it they should have cancelled it in week 1 or 2.
But saying that I don't think they should have cancelled it.

I don’t think that has ever happened before in any league. If it did, that would be stupid.

I don't see why they would change the previous results.. this was a voluntary cancellation on the part of McGill. It's not like they were expelled from the league or something. They've chosen to forfeit the rest of the season.. to change the beginning wouldn't be fair.