CIS Football

I was just flipping through the results of some of yesterday’s CIS games and two things jumped out at me.

1 - Western are annihilating all competition. Yesterday they blitzed York 76 - 3. In their 3 games they have outscored their opponents 146 - 32.

2 - Attendance issues in some places. Some crowds were OK. For example Mac drew over 4,000 yesterday here in Hamilton even though the Ti-Cats had an afternoon home game too. In Saskatoon Saskatchewan over 5,100 Friday night, while Regina at Mosaic drew just 2,094. Other crowds seem disappointing to me too. At McGill - playing another Montreal based team (Concordia) they only drew 1,200. Waterloo playing crosstown rival Wilfred Laurier only 1,700. Manitoba at Investors Group Field drew only 800 in that 30,000+ seat stadium. How sad looking would that be.

Too bad the crowds aren’t good in so many places. There is some good football being played.

York scored 3 points ! Wow, they must be improving ;D.

I feel our weather being so nice lately has everyone out enjoying it in different ways instead of football. Also the fact that there is almost no coverage anymore of CIS football has made it look like it doesn’t exist.

Yesterday i checked out Texas Tech vs Houston. Over 53,000 in attendance ! The Amers have a good fast College game, maybe that’s why so many like it. Our College game is better but we ignore it. We are our own worst enemy.


Mustangs to repeat in 2018!

Mustangs looking sharp no question. But university football in Canada just isn’t that huge as a spectator sport. Is what it is I guess.

Nice write-up on Frank Cosentino in the Western News for those interested:

Talks about the history of the Flying Fathers, Catholic priests who played hockey and entertained many, in his new book, no. 18 -“Holy Hockey: The Story of Canada’s Flying Fathers?

I have been to many games and watched whenever I could on TV. Over the years I have cheered for many teams but my fav is Western. I have a thing for St FX too. Best football game I ever saw was the 2011 Vanier Cup.

I looked and looked and the only game I can see that is televised is on Fri Sept 28 at 1pm. Ott vs Carleton for the 50th Panda Cup. AND it’s on good ole CHCH TV, ch 11 from Hamilton.

CHCH last year cut off the ending as it went too long and put on a old movie .

But at least they televised it .

I think Shaw puts a Western conference game on once a week still .

TSN use to do it and do a great job .

Then headline sports after and now just CHCH .

I’m trying to attend all four U of T home games for the first time this year.
I only started re-attending them about 4 years ago now that my kids are grown.
It’s not easy cheering for the Varsity Blues unfortunately, but if the game is competitive, I like to attend. Fortunately, the first two games have been competitive.

Re: the Panda Game…
Last year, my daughter was a freshman at U of Ottawa.
I encouraged her to attend the Panda Game because of all the hype and excitement.
She said she could not get a ticket - SOLD OUT.
I was shocked and impressed at the same time. :slight_smile:

Again, this belongs in other leagues forum.

Haven’t had your morning coffee yet, HF ? I think we are in the other leagues forum. ;D It’s cool. We all make mistakes.

Watching a tight Panda game on CHCH TV . Looks good . The stands are packed for the game .

So explain how TSN the “football guys” aren’t promoting this Canadiana but a independent can do it just fine .

CHCH are good unless it goes late . Hopefully they won’t move to a black and whit movie like last year .

Re: Manitoba Bisons having only 800 in the stands at 33,000 IGF

Thats actually pretty darn good. At the old Pan-Am stadium (built for Pan-Am games of 1967) they were lucky to get 125 to 200 folks out - maybe 750 to 900 for playoff games.

Brian Dobie is an average coach but a great recruiter. As far as managing the program, building crowds, etc. he’s basically a nobody!

Fortunately the Bison get free rent as part of the stadium agreement which sees the bombers also play for essentially nothing! If they had to pay to play - they wouldn’t be sustainable. The university pays everything!

Regardless of the score or who won, that was pure enjoyment. Congrats Ott.
All that fun and a good game to boot and not one challenge flag or review.

In a previous post I said that the game was on Fri the 28th and that was the date that was posted beside the game. I could not find it yesterday and knew games were usually Sat. Sorry for the misinformation.

CHCH didn’t cut away, Hank.

Last year it went in to OT and they put on a B and W movie . Pretty pissed .

I thought Mark Lee does a great job announcing and TSN should have added him to their line up of announcers for the CFL when CBC stopped showing the games .

He has a easy listening style .

Meanwhile back in La Belle Province, looks like it will come down to the Laval Rouge et Or (who handled my Alma matter Concordia Stingers with ease yesterday 53-2) and U of M playing it out for the final game.

Interesting situation with the McMaster coach Greg Knox.

OUA, Mac fumble suspension news

McMaster’s football coach was suspended for a game by the governing body of Ontario university sports, the school says. No he hasn’t, says Ontario University Athletics. Confused? You should be.

And now, Knox is gonzo! Just before the playoffs. Very odd. $113,000 has a CIS head coach. Not too shabby. Of course you can’t compare this with NCAA but for Canada…

Knox fired as McMaster coach

I just wish we could see more games on the tube.

I should have posted this from a few days before the firing to put this into perspective at McMaster.

Greg Knox case a McMaster mess
The secretive investigation into the Marauders football coach has dragged on long enough, writes Scott Radley.


Thanks for the info, Earl.

We really need to see this football back on the tube. I can’t sit out in the cold the way I used to and with no TV this game is almost non-existent. Very little media coverage. It’s sad. Why do we shoot ourselves in the foot like this. Such a good game.

Yes, that was what I was expecting when I believe they signed some sort of a deal with Sportsnet. I guess it wasn’t much of a deal. :-\