CIS Football

I know this has been brought up before. But is it time to go different Divisions in CIS Football. Looking at some of the scores from the past week end and this happens every year. Montreal scoring 61 points, Western 75 points, Carleton 61 points etc. against teams that don't belong on the same field. I guess they would have to be divided on full scholarships (dirty word in some CIS circles) compared to partial scholarships or none. Let the big spenders be Division I and those that don't want full scholarships be classed as Division II. Montreal, Laval, Western, Guelph,Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Calgary and UBC come to mind as top schools. An argument could be made for some of McMaster, Carleton, Ottawa, U of Toronto, York, Alberta, Queens, Concordia, Regina, St. Mary's if they wanted to spend the money to compete and some of them probably would. But it would make for better competitive Football and quite possibly a TV contract. Money makes money.
Otherwise I can see some of the schools with big time football programs opting out and joining some US Divisions.

Go Mustangs in the Yates Cup agains't Laurier! Should be a beauty!

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I'd love to go to the game. I usually try but this falls on my girlfriends birthday dinner so i guess the game losses out.
Go Laurier!

I like the idea. It might help some smaller schools decide to adopt football programs too. They could start off in the lower division and try to work they're way up, if run like the British soccer leagues.

I'd also someday like to see Canadian colleges and universities integrate their athletics more deeply, so maybe we'd actually get some college football programs too.

And accept sub-par academic students because they can play football? Nope, Canadian schools are and should remain academic first, sports second. Unlike the US where they let in students that can barely write their name on a piece of paper but can dunk a basketball or play football well, whatever.

Academics is and should always be the mainstay of Canadian universities. I don't care what they allow in the US, that's up to them.

We have college football programs here, duh???? And our university football programs make sure you can at least write your name on a piece of paper. :lol:

If this is in response to my comment that I'd like to see Canadian colleges and universities integrate their athletics more deeply, let me explain what I mean. I didn't mean that athletics should be a bigger part of post-secondary education in Canada necessarily, and I certainly didn't mean that sports should take precedence over academics. I'm totally with you on that.

What I meant was that I'd like to see greater cooperation between U Sports (formerly CIS, CIAU), the body that governs university sports in Canada, and CCAA, the body that governs college sports in Canada.

As far as I know, none of the CCAA schools has a football programme*, though many have soccer, basketball, hockey, and even rugby. I believe the CCAA has even more member schools than U Sports does, so even getting 20% of them to adopt football teams could mean a lot more post-secondary football in Canada.

Offering these schools a chance to join U Sports football might allow interested schools to start football programmes one at a time without needing a bunch of their CCAA members to also start programmes to form a league of their own.

I wouldn't expect CCAA teams to be able to compete with Laval, Montreal, Calgary, etc. but how much worse could they be than Toronto or York?

*Edit: after further digging, I've found that some CCAA schools do in fact have football programmes of a sort. The Atlantic Football League features teams from UNB Saint John, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, an unaffiliated team from Moncton, and Holland College.

I'm not sure if there are similar college football leagues in other parts of the country . . . anyone else know?

Anyways, why not let these schools try their hands at playing the 4 AUS teams. Could it create worse mismatches than, say, McMaster vs York (64-2) or Laurier vs Toronto (54-3)?

And if it were to create such mismatches, then let them join the lower division with York and Toronto and see what happens.

Good read PTBO, I understand now where you are coming from.

I remember the day when U of T had great student athletes in football and hockey. I remember being at their last Vanier championship against U of C at Skydome. U of T had a great little returner named McCasland or something like that and his nickname was The Squirrel. He was in Argo camp the next year.

Would be nice to see a resurgence in the football programme there, wouldn’t it? Maybe some year . . .

Probably enough political power at U of T to try and get a "too rough and contact sport" like football eliminated to tell you the truth. That would fall in line with being "politically correct" there, is my guess. :wink:

I think you're right, sadly.

Plus it's difficult to field a team of top notch football players who all carry the ridiculously high average needed to just get in the door of U of T. Not many Chinese exchange students playing football either. I'm sure they have a great Badminton and Table Tennis team though.

:thup: Eventually the word 'gridiron' will be banned in the city of Toronto for various reasons. And I'm being totally, ok almost totally serious. :lol:

Fantastic, exciting Yates Cup yesterday. Right down to the wire. FG with one second left. Laurier wins... If you like football, I don't understand why you wouldn't watch these games. It must come down to perception once again.... The best football game I ever saw was the 2011 Vanier Cup.

Forgot to mention that 3 of the 4 games played yesterday were 3 point games. Exciting stuff !

You should also mention that Laurier came back from a 21 point deficit in the 4th quarter to win.

OK, I will. :lol:

I'm a Mustang fan but have to give credit to Laurier for one heck of a comeback, one of the most exciting games I've seen in a long time. Congrats to the Golden Hawks for never giving up.

Vanier Cup organizers in Hamilton have to be praying Lauier knocks off Laval next weekend as that is the only way it appears there will be any kind of a crowd at the Vanier Cup. It looks like fewer than 2000 tickets have been sold thus far and a Laval against Calgary or StFx matchup is not likely going to result in spike in ticket sales.

Yup. CIS football is such a bargain for the entertainment value but sadly it really doesn't get a lot of fan support. Of course that's why television and attendance numbers don't mean much to the actual players, they bust there but even if no one is watching. As any athlete should do.