CIS Football

Do CIS teams list depth charts anywhere?

I just search sports net tv schedule ...cant find anything to do with cis

I don't think I've ever seen a depth chart at all for the teams . I'm sure each school's own website has a roster listing - but depth chart? I don't recall seeing one anywhere.

For example Mac (who just won the 107th Yates Cup in a thrilling game over Guelph today that I watched on Cable 14 here in Hamilton 20-15) has their roster listed on the team's website.

Mac host Mt. Allison at 4:00PM next Saturday on Sportsnet 360 in the Mitchell Bowl. Earlier in the afternoon next Saturday Montreal host the winner of the Calgary - Manitoba game. Montreal upset Laval in another tight one today 12 - 9 in overtime before almost 14,000 fans in Quebec City.

I was hoping to watch the Laval game online but it was geo-blocked in the USA.

It finally happened! Another Quebec team finally rose to the challenge and unhorsed Laval!

Goes well with something I said earlier in regards to the CFL in Quebec City.

To the second point, that frankly I see as a problem. Dynasty's end, coaches leave and eligibility rules change. If the city is only supporting them because they are dominant, that's a problem. Look what's happening down south and their university programs. The gap is quickly closing. McGill is coming back after the scandal in 2005 and Montreal has had a solid program despite the Als. The other powerhouse schools Calgary, Manitoba, Regina and McMaster also share CFL teams in the same city too, with really only Western and Laval being the only two big programs that don't. Maybe they aren't as dominant as Laval (although Calgary has been ripping up the West) but how long do you expect the rest of RESQ to languish?
Now that being said, Laval is far from done. They'll be back with a vengeance next year, but it's about time we saw some parity in the CIS.

I'm more stunned by the west...TEN...TEN turnover by the Dinos

impressive they only lost by 12 and were actually ahead in most stats still. I would quantify this as a stunning upset.

I'm sure the Vanier Cup organizers in Montreal are hoping that Montreal beats Manitoba and makes the final. It looks like they still have about 8,000 - 10,000 tickets available at McGill for the game.

Mac 'should' beat Mt. Allison here in Hamilton which may set up for a third big Hamilton/Montreal football game within four weeks. Last weekend's first place showdown between the Cats and Als, the rematch next week in the EDF and a potential Mac and Carabins Vanier Cup the week after that.

Let's see if that is what we end up with.

Will be interesting for sure TPB.

Congrats to the Carabins on finally climbing that mountain after being oh so close (yet so far) in previous years. Love everything Laval has done in previous years but its great to see someone different representing the Q for once. The Carabins followed the example set by Laval starting a decade ago yet it took them until now to catch up to them (at least for the moment). Hope that rivalry is taken to the next level in the next few seasons.

Watching the Montreal - Manitoba game. Did the defences stay home. This has been good.

Went to ticketmaster for Vanier Cup, system overrun with tix requests. Looks like a sell-out coming up!!! :thup: :thup:

TSN would be wise to start building a brand around CIS Football and Junior Hockey!!!! all this NBA AND NCAA HAS ME TUNING OUT

The problem with CIS Football, is apart from the bowl games, you just don't have the stadium sizes, fanbases or league depth/parity needed to make a serious go at a complete product, and we don't want the CIS turning into the NCAA.

I'd agree with that Hammer and I think the CIS realizes that as well.

Looks like only around 1000 tickets left for Vanier Cup, should probably a sell-out. :thup: :thup:

Excellent for Canadian football!

Go Mac Go tomorrow in the Vanier!