Got Montreal and Sherbrooke on Radio -Canada,Queens and Wilford Laurier on The Score.The recall button on the remote will be getting a work out.

Sherbrooke Touche!! 7-0

Montreal blocks punt recovers on the Sherbrooke 32

Montreal kicker misses FG Sherbrooke 7 Montreal 1

Montreal fumbles the punt Sherbrooke recovers on the 25

Sherbrooke rushing TD from the one after Montreal flagged in the endzone on previous play 14-1

Queens 0 Laurier 0 end of 1st quarter

got on Peachtree TV Vanderbilt 21 Arkansas 14 Halftime

Laurier 1- 0 after missed FG, they had a TD called back two plays previously.

Sherbrooke picks off pass on their 37 and runs it back for TD 21-1 2nd
then Montreal gives up single on kick off 22-1

Laurier blocks punt recovers on the 5

Queens picks off the pass in the endzone

Queens missed FG 1-1 2nd

Laurier FG 4-1

Montreal FG 22-4 Sherbrooke a the half

Queens FG 4-4 at the half

Sherbrooke 25 Montreal 13 4th

Queens 14 Laurier 7 4th

Finally a TD there? That game may be more entertaining than the CFL game on now...

Sherbrooke picks off pass runs back to Montreal 17

Sherbrooke TD pass and run from the six 32-13

Laurier FG 14 -10 Queens

Touche!!! Montreal 32-20 Sherbrooke

Final score
Sherbrooke 32 Montreal 20

Queens 14 Laurier 10