CIS Football

Here is a press release from a couple of months ago. I agree that CIS football (and basketball too)is long overdue on TSN/TSN 2. Glad to see that TSN is finally getting their act together. :thup:

TSN will be airing both the Mitchell Bowl and Uteck Bowl this Saturday at 1:00 and 4:00. :thup: :rockin: :smiley:

Good game so far. go queens, since i hate lavel. im a dinos fan(being from outside of calgary, and many guys i played with played there). did faulds ever get a to the cis championship? intersting here... all the celebrating in the cfl is starting to go down the line. now the univeristy guys are doing it.

too funny!! i love canadian taunting. a sgn in the croud at the mitchell bowl- "cant win a refurendum, cant win a cup"

Queens has really taken control of this game with the missed FG taken all the way back and the takeaway on the kickoff. Lavall will really need to buckle down if they want to get back in this one.

:lol: That`s funny.

That missed kick return is going to be the TSN turning point. Mighty Laval wont be playing in the Vanier cup it looks like. Thats why Canadian Football is so awesome, in the states that's just a missed field goal...

nice hook and ladder

Looks like we are in for a great finish! 33-30 Queens with 3:39 to go. :thup:

Okay thats why Laval is Laval. Man they are good. Great football games in CIS recently!

I know Im repeating myself, but Shomari Williams is a beast!