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Who do you guys think will finish 1st in each conference, and who do you think will win the Mitchell and Uteck Bowls.. and eventually the Vanier?

Note: AUS visits OUA for Mitchell Bowl and CANWEST visits the Q for Uteck Bowl.

My picks:
Q - Laval
OUA - Laurier
CanWest - U Calgary

Mitchell - SMU defeats Laurier
Uteck - Calgary defeats Laval

Vanier - SMU defeats Calgary :stuck_out_tongue:

gross.. there isn't one other CIS follower on this board? urselves canadian :?

I'm a follower, but really only the U of S Huskies. I am just too busy to doing my other useless stuff to know much about the other teams in Can West or the other divs.

Huskies look good again though this year.

...well, I'd love your picks there NS but I can't agree UofC will come out on top of the west this year...they are going in the right direction, but I just can't see them topping perennial winners like the Huskies or UofM or UofA..maybe, but probably not likely...

I predict SFU will score a couple of touchdowns this season.

Low blow.

But I think they'll be improved. Enough to win a game this year????? Who knows.

They should have a losers bowl, SFU vs. U of T, then someone would break the losing streak.

Chris, sadly, I have to agree thats a good idea.

Well look at the egg on my face!

SFU beat UBC last Saturday night. Good for the Clansmen! :thup: :thup: First win in a few years.

It's really sad that these teams athletic boards have really let these two once great football programs go to a pile of mud.

I think U of R will top both U of S and U of M this year and win Canwest. A ton of players from the Bison have graduated if I recall (they probably had an average age close to the Riders last year :wink: ).

Not true at all. My girlfriend and I always take in the Queens Golden Gaels games when my work schedule doesn't conflict. Although Queen's isn't a football power these days, it's always a fun afternoon at the park.

The only reason I didn't spot your post earlier is that I do not usually get to this part of the forum.

Queens is near the top of the OUA. Griffen is back (playing fullback) and they have some great coaching and players to carry the team. Queens gets great attendance figures each year. I have 2 former Varsity teammates playing at Queens.

I hope Queen's doesn't rank as highly when the actual numbers come out. Last time that happened it was like the kiss of death.

It is interesting that you mention their attendance. I'm not sure what other competitive CIS teams draw but in the last number of years the student half of the stadium is usually all but empty. The exception being Homecoming week.
I remember in the late 70's both sides of the stadium being packed.

Giffen's return should make for some exciting games this year.

Well look at the egg on my face!

SFU beat UBC last Saturday night. Good for the Clansmen! :thup: :thup: First win in a few years.