CIS Football Playoffs

McMaster beat Queens 12-9 in front of 500 brave souls in a steady drizzle, announced attendance anyways, at Ron Joyce Stadium. And Guelph trounced the Gee Gees 30-8. Looking forward to seeing my 'Stangs beat the crap out of whoever they play next week. 8)

I bet there won't be many at TD Waterhouse in London next week, even for Homecoming on a gorgeous day the attendance was just over 5000 last week think it was. Not like when I attended Western way back, Homecoming was a sure sellout just about every year at around 10,000 at JW Little. Times have changed.

Fun times way back at Western, going to the loo at JW Little after drinking lots of beers before the game, the women's loo with women in there at halftime. Oh I miss those days. Fun times.

I noticed that too . CIS crowds at London (western) and Kingston (Queens) is a lot less than before . Not sure what to make of it . They use to televise the games as well on 360 sports (the score) now CHCH does a choppy hit and miss once in awhile broadcast .

Liked the Panda game this year too bad when it went into overtime CHCH put on a movie from the 1950's instead.

OUA does live streaming through Stretch, watched some of the Mac game today on my archaic Blackberry Playbook, just need updated Adobe Flash.

But still, would be nice to see a live game on a regular television channel. I think the OUA is mended with Rogers and not Bell but don't know. I thought Rogers, if they do have an agreement with the OUA, would put it on one of their channels they own. Not sure what The Score is, ok maybe The Score if that channel still exists which I think it does.

I think the lousy attendance has a direct co-relation to the lack of TV coverage. Streaming sports on the internet is still a relatively small thing - especially when talking about something at the level of CIS football. A few hundred might be watching is my guess.

To be honest with no Mac games on TV this year - I didn't even know what their record was this year and i have every other season when I would watch OUA(A) games on either Sportsnet 360, CHCH or Cable 14.

Whoever is making the broadcast decisions at Mac/OUA that resulted in no TV coverage of Mac games this season - is blowing it - BIG TIME! Their decisons have seen casual interest disappear.

And that must be hurting their ticket sales too. Only diehards aware of how the team is doing and hence showing up at games.

Agree that having games on television would really help especially on a Canadian sports network. I thought the CIS had a deal with Rogers to televise some games? Maybe that deal expired, don't know.

Epic Fail >:( :o >:(

It amazes me that we have two networks showing at least 11 channels in this country and yet none can put on CIS football. I realize that the ratings wouldn't be huge but isn't that the point of a network having multiple channels? Especially when the network is showing the same event on multiple channels.

At least a game of the week would help, maybe even one for each conference since these channels are supposed to cater to regional audiences. These networks are usually starved for Cancon and I'm sure it couldn't be any worse to watch than poker, billiards or darts.

It sounds like you are insulting CIS football, Osk but I know you aren't. I really miss watching a few CIS games on a Saturday afternoon. Some good football being played. I used to go to games all over Ontario and a few down east. Best football game I ever watched on TV was the 2011 Vanier Cup.

Dan, you're right, I'm not insulting the CIS. I'm just aware of the arguments against broadcasting the games......low ratings reflected by the lack of attendance, very limited national awareness etc.

I enjoy watching the games myself but have been frustrated in the last few years by the lack of coverage since Rogers acquired the rights. All I've seen the last couple of years is the semi-finals and Vanier Cup on the 360. Why would the casual fan care about watching the Cup when they haven't been exposed to the product leading up to it? These guys are shooting themselves in the foot.

Well TSN's slogan is Football Lives Here . They need to take back the CIS football play offs and Vanier from Rogers . TSN has the ability to blend the CIS and CFL together and marketing them properly .It is a major blight that they let this fall in the hands of a network which has no respect for Canadian football . I did like the old Score guys who call the game for Rogers and they are using descent graphics when they broadcast the Vanier .

The playoff run of Queens winning the Vanier was some of the best football I watched and was exciting as the Redblacks run .

Bingo Oskee and Hank. I guess we have to realize that this the Canadian way. IE, we almost eradicate rail transport in this country and then nobody can figure out why there are so many trucks on the highways....As far as I'm concerned, the CIS football could rival the CFL if it was promoted. I say we get the Canadian back in the CFL. The Americans that use our league only as a stepping stone can stay down south. I don't really care. Raise the ratio higher....And this is where I get called a racist. :wink:

My Stangs made pure mincemeat out of the Guelph Farmers today! Loving it along with the McMaster Evidence Based KnowItAlls losing! Nice!!!!

I just love it when McMaster LOSES! I think they should just stick with the evidence really which is that they suck. 8)

With none of the OUA games on TV around here - general interest is really waning. Years ago a Mac - Laurier playoff game would draw several thousand as would a Guelph - Western game. Yesterday they only had 1500 in London and apparently less than that at Laurier.

The invisibility of the Canadian college game here in Southern Ontario (you could have watched close to ten or eleven different NCAA games on TV yesterday here) - can't be helping advance ticket sales for the Vanier Cup here in Hamilton.

That's a shame really since it's excellent ball but maybe the interest just isn't there like when I was attending university. Agree they need to expose the product as much as possible on television to market the game.

But Canadian university sports really never has been a huge spectator event other than football and some basketball and I would not use the word huge even in the past. The US and college sports is a whole different thing.

I agree Aerial we don't have the culture for it but why is a Canadian Sports Channel showing it and not U sports . Don't understand CRTC's role if our own channels place US sports above our own interests .

If we do it for print media , and use HBO Game of Thrones to pay for Canadian content why do we not use NFL to pay for CFL and NCAA pay for CIS it just makes sense to tether it with developing our own .

It worked in the music industry see the Tragically HIP for examples . HIP are popular in Canada and are lost in the US but we support our own with CanContent rules that work on the radio music stations . Without this I don't think we have a strong Canadian music industry like we do today where our artists can survive .

Agree Hank the CanCon rules have allowed groups like TTH to get where they are today, without that support I would say many of our music groups wouldn't have survived to the extent they have. Musicians shouldn't be any more culturally relevant than athletes really.

After searching, I'm pretty sure the Yates Cup is on CHCH TV at 1:00pm....Televising only a few games and the odd playoff game is not enough. Hank is right, this country should be pushing these games. We already have enough hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer. What we don't have enough of, is Canadian football.

Thanks Dan hopefully it doesn't go into overtime because we will be watching Rescue from Gilligans island on CHCH .

It's shaping up to be another terrible crowd in Hamilton for the Vanier Cup. After attracting less than 5,000 last year, it looks like a similar number will be expected this year unless one of the southern Ontario teams qualify for the final. Good job Hamilton!

The popularity of university football in this country has really taken a hit in the past 5 years. Accepting an offer from Sportsnet was one of the dumbest moves USports could make as the product is barely visible on TV and the ratings for the final have been down for some time.

Instead of having the game in a separate city, it needs to paired up with the Grey Cup. This is when the Varsity Cup was at its best. 20,000 or more people in the stands would be the likely outcome. Give discounts to those buying Grey Cup tickets. Add an additional $35 - $40 to their Grey Cup ticket for the right to buy good seats and an additional $20 for cheap seats at the Vanier Cup.

Yates Cup champs, yes, the Western Mustangs, 75 friggin points, can you believe it!

And Pat, nothing to do with attendance, I know for you it's all about attendance and ratings and all that especially in Toronto eh with all the soccer mania and Blue Jays mania and all that, eh. That's where you and me differ, I'm into history and Canadian history and growing up in Canada and feeling what I am as a Canadian with my deep history regardless of how many people attend a game or watch on the tube or what have you. But hey, to each his own what makes us tick. .