CIS Football Games

I know this Forum is for CFL Talk but hopefully CIS players will become CFL players.
Are any CIS Football games streamed on the internet? I would really like to watch Canadian College games.
Yes, I follow NCAA football, three teams-PennState, Univ of Tenn and USC. However, I do enjoy watching and attending CFL games and would really like to watch some Canadian College Players and games.

I can only suggest You tube and Vanier Cups . There is a few games on there worth viewing.

CIS when well played is entertaining unfortunately the teams that are good usually beat the crap out of the schools who don't have a good program and that is far from entertaining .

I have seen division 1 schools NCAA play just as brutal and seen division 2 schools play better so it's really a matter of who is running the program in CIS .

I suggest Laval, Montreal ,McMaster ,Queens , Guelph , Calgary and then this year the University of British Columbia.  Probably some  Universities  I left of the list that should be on it.

I don't know if there will be any streams on the Internet, but it looks like more CIS games might be on TV this year. Here's another thread about that:

Rogers, I believe, has the rights to broadcast CIS games but haven't done so well with them. When they used to be on TSN, they'd draw ratings in the MLS-NBA range, so I hope TSN gets it back again at some point.

If you want to attend live I recommend Laval anytime or the home coming at Queens . Usually home coming games or rival games like the Panda game in Ottawa would be worth the travel if you combine a CFL game with the trip .

Nothing like the NCAA however I hope you wouldn't be disappointed you really can't compare the atmosphere .

Appreciate the response Hank. I'm not really looking for "entertainment" I would like to see the players playing Canadian football. The NCAA is no different than what you say about the CIS, some teams are good some bad but even the bad teams usually have several good players to watch for the future, good teams usually have several not so good players. It is what helps make College Football games interesting to watch.
I know the CIS games are not televised in the US but was hoping I might find some that are streamed on the internet. Unless I use one of the Company planes I am a long ride from Canada so going to a live game would be by pure chance of being in Canada at the time.

If TSN gets the games back there is a chance that ESPN would stream several of them on ESPN3.

Please excuse spelling, typos and whatever else since I am doing this on my phone while we watch the NFL playoffs.

here you go

click on schedule/results. All games that are streaming will be indicated on the right

This right here.

I watched the playoffs this year through the cis website. The quality was pretty good, clear, and quick ( minimal or no lag)

The commentators were also quite good, and didnt have the tendency to fixate on a player and remained balanced...

Unlike some cfl personalities who, could make you think the argos are about to win thier third consecutive grey cup when they are really just loosing by 14 points in the preseason

If you get a chance check out Michael O'Connor QB of UBC . He maybe the next great QB Canadian hope after Buckley in Calgary .

Thanks for the info, it will be very helpful as I start another segment of my experiences with Canadians and Canada.
I truly appreciate the friendly and helpful attitude you give me when I ask a question or look for help. Canada is a great Country but it is you, the Canadian people, my Northern neighbors, that keep me coming back and telling others to come up and visit Canada and its residents.

I have watched football for over fifty years and have been to many Grey Cups and even a few NFL games, but hands down the best football game I ever saw was the 2011 Vanier Cup !!!

You know if we hyped ourselves like this more often few would be watching the NFL or NCAA like it was 40 years ago. But the the old Canadian inferiority complex which I thought finally died in Vancouver 2010 still exists amongst many in one big region of the country. Sigh!

Best Game Ever - The 2011 McMaster Football Season (TSN)

Quinlan should have been in the CFL

Yes Charukfan, but more than just Quinlan should have played in the CFL. I don’t understand the attitude in this country. It’s like we are afraid to be proud, I dunno… And I live in Southern Ontario so I know of what you speak ! Thanks for the link :thup:

No coach in the CFL has any mandate to start a Canadian at qb if that coach doesn't want to. Their job is to construct the best team they can as they see fit under the rules to win a championship. It's really that simple. If it's important to the CFL to have starting Canadian qbs ie. the CFL SHOULD be sure there are rules to make it happen that Canadians start at qb, then rules must be changed to FORCE coaches to operate that way.

Except he wasn't good enough for the CFL !!

I like the fact that we have the best QBs available out there and we are not letting players make it as a QB just because they are Canadian, that would lower the standard.
Yes Quinlan looked very impressive and it was a great game - but the reality was, he was playing against a CIS defense, players that wouldn't be able to make a NCAA team.
When QBs like Quinlan went to a CFL camp for the first time, it was total shock, ex-NFL and NCAA players that were bigger, stronger, faster, better coached. It becomes a deer in the headlight situation fast.
We have seen some very good Canadian QBs but they are scouted in high school and given NCAA scholarships.

While I wasn't good enough to make Western coming out of high school, I saw some players in London that were no better than me make teams like Waterloo at the time that didn't have good football programs. The CIS is vastly inferior to the CFL.

I have been reading some of your posts; you do realize it is 2016 not 1972?

In your posts you do the exact opposite of what we did in hockey in 1972. Then we over estimated ourselves and underestimated our opposition, you are underestimating ourselves and overestimating the Americans.

Why was Quinlan invited back to Montreal if he wasn't good enough? He didn't go because he figured he wouldn't get an honest look which is something that goes back to Bill Robinson in Ottawa in the 70s. The ironic thing is that Brandon Bridge, again ironically from the NCAA, got the chance.

So I guess Michael O'Connor sucks now that he is in the CIS because I guess he couldn't cut it in the NCAA.

I am trying to find the article Ron Lancaster wrote about why coaches don't have Canadian QBs around. If anyone wonders why I post full articles and credit the authors and publications this is why. Links die. I have the links for the article but can't find it yet, I will.

He basically said that the pressure to play a Canadian QB and the pressure to win are enormous. If he is grooming a young QB the fans are going to want to see him and if he's not quite ready, well...

Until I find the article here is a thread at 13th man talking about it