CIS Football Doubleheader on Saturday

When I first saw the OUA football schedule I said “what idiot decided to schedule the Waterloo Warriors and Laurier Golden Hawks home openers at the same time?? When I saw the start times were at 1PM and 7PM, I quickly shifted into reverse and said “what a great idea to have a football doubleheader in Waterloo?. The first game was Guelph and Waterloo and all I have to say is the Warriors have a lot of work to do. Their asses were already on the platter by the end of the first quarter. Of the 54 players listed in the program, 39 are first year. This is going to be a long few years for this team. I was a bit worried about this program after the year suspension, but there seems to be some interest in the team from the university. Warrior field has been revamped, and there was a good turnout, but most everybody left after halftime freshman activities ended. It didn’t help that the game was a blow out by then. Short Video Here

After a highly indigestible dinner, it was across the street to the Windsor-Laurier game and that was a tremendous game. What more could you want: over 1000 yds in total offence, 10 TD’s including a 92 yd kick return and a last play kick it in, kick it out, kick it in single point for Windsor in a 41-40 Lancer win. A good turnout for that game as well (5100) and most of them seem to stay for the whole game, although a lot did leave after some freshman contest winners were announced at the end of the third quarter.

I’m not sure how much play these games got on local media. The only local station I tried tuning into was 570 News in Kitchener and no mention was made of them in their very brief 5 minutes combined news/sports report. The rest of their airtime seemed to be devoted to Blue Jay baseball and ESPN Sports Radio and all the American Collage football you could not possibly digest. That’s just a sign of a radio station that’s to cheap to try to do anything original. I did catch the Argo game between games on Sirius radio. By the sounds of things, I didn’t miss much.

Just one complaint and that was my sore butt after sitting on unpadded metal and plastic seats for over six hours.

That sounds like an amazing game. Wish I would have watched it.