CIS football discussion on 3 vs going to 4 downs

Thought some of you might like to read the comments on this board. Interesting reads, some anyways.

hope it doesnt go down to that. doubt it would happen.

but in CIS basketball the women now play under a 4 quarter rule (like NBA) and the men will be going to this next year. whats going on here? why are people so dissalusioned by professional leagues? ever since the rule changes in the NHL minor leagues are making referee's call games like they do in the NHL. it makes it unfair and pointless. i quit refereeing hockey this winter, after 5 years, and a level 3 rank.. i also quit playing minor hockey, its just a waste of time, everything is bullcrap around here now.

Even though I prefer 4 down football, I think this is a dumb idea.

I like the 3 down version of the game and it needs to stay.

No, 3 down football is more exciting.

Why the fuck would they even "consider" that!?!?! If I'm not mistaken CIS, stands for CANADIAN Interuniversity Sport.

To honest, I don't know what to think. I see that some high school leagues in Canada are using 4 downs and kids leagues. I have to admit, I'm sure it is much easier especially for the qb. But I like the heritage of our game and for that reason alone I'd like to keep 3 downs although I equally like 3 or 4 downs (heck, it could be 2 downs or 5 downs for all I care, I just like seeing guys hit each other - football - period).