CIS football- A great experience

Recently in the last two weeks I have been touring schools around Ontario, as I am graduating high school next year. I was fortunate enough to take in football games at both Western and Laurier, and I can say it was a fun experience. Both schools have great little stadiums, I especially like the intimacy of Laurier's stadium. They packed the small grand stand they had, and even though it was a small crowd they were right into the game. Also, to comment on the quality of the football, I would have to say it is about as entertaining, or maybe even more so than the NCAA. So to all you naysayers who think CIS football is bush league, I would strongly recommend you take in a game at one of these two schools, or any CIS school as I am sure there are other great experiences out there. Oh, and to comment on the game, Western defeated Laurier 26-16 to earn a berth in their 3rd consecutive Yates cup.