CIS Final

It was great viewing the CIS final in a covered, climate controlled stadium. After the frozen debacle from Saskatoon the players were able to show their skills and the result was a game won by the team with better all around ability rather than the team that best survived the deep cold.
Thankfully today's Grey Cup will also take place in a covered stadium. WE do indeed have global warming but, only chance provided a quality field in Winnipeg for a past Grey Cup. The CFL officials should , in future, use common sense and restrict future significent football events to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver where one can be assured of the game being won by the better team rather than the team best able to survive in the frozen wastelands of western Canada. Winnipeg, where a new stadium in in the works should do things right and construct a covered stadium so we can have the Grey Cup in quality environmental conditions when it is played in the west.


Football was meant to be played outdoors. Hopefully they open it up for the first half so the spectators can see the novelty.