CIS Coaches

Probably going on and on about this, but does anyone have any ideas on who could be primed to move up from the CIS? Contantine obviously, but maybe Ptaszek? Marshall again? Nill? Anyone else? We've got 3 Canadian HCs now, who might be next?

It is highly unlikely the celebrated Constantin would leave the security of Laval to pass through the revolving door of the CFL.
He has a job for life there if he wants it.

Marshall certainly has the credentials and experience to be a CFL coach once again, although may be somewhat jaded being labelled as the scapegoat for the GM's inability to sign decent talent during that time.

Ptaszek may take a crack at the big time in the near future, presumably relegated as an OC or other assistant position right out of the CIS gate until he gains further experience in the league.

there is far too much security within CIS coaching for many to roll the dice.