CIS coaches in the CFL?

I'm guessing that this question has been raised plenty of times on these forums (if so, then I'm sorry for starting another thread on it)

Does anyone else wonder why we don't see top CIS coaches get more opportunities to coach in the CFL? Surely coaches like Glen Constantin from Laval, Pat Sheahan from Queen's and Greg Marshall from Western are are more than qualified enough to lead a CFL team.

I know Marshall had a short stint with Hamilton for a season or 2, but I'm still unsure why another CFL team didn't pick him up, or hasn't since.

For the record, I'm not saying I want Sheehan to leave Queen's AT ALL :smiley:, but it would be nice to see him get the proper recognition he deserves in the CFL (Since for some reason CIS football is nowhere near as possible as it should be all around the country)


CIS coaches typically move into coordinator positions first. Then, if proven successful, may land a HC position.

I'm not sure if anyone, besides Marshall, went straight from CIS to CFL HC.

I would like Marshall to get another kick at the CFL can.
I thought the tabbies fired him prematurely, which became their thing ever since.

More CIS coaches could step into HC positions in the CFL, Just like CIS QB,s could perform well as CFL QB,s.

Yuup I said it.

Think about it for a second - - you're HC at a CIS school and you have 100% control over the entire program. Somewhere between 8 and 11 games for the season with minimal travel. ZERO pressure from the media and not much from the fans. A salary well over six figures. Have a bit of success, graduate a few more than you have flunk out, keep the player arrests to a minimum and you've got a job for life.

What kind of delusional thinking is that? I challenge you to name one CIS QB who could perform as well as any current CFL QB.

Tommy Drunkenson was a failure at QB. Brannigan was a failure at QB. Sinopoli was a failure at QB. Quinlan was a failure at QB. Who else is left as a "top QB" from the CIS over the past decade?

And a retirement plan, health care, meal card

I think he means like CFL QB's could make it in the CFL if they were given a shot more. I find they don't even get to play in Preseason games or anything that I remember, so how do we even know how well they could perform?

I just find it hard to believe that there are no other Russ Jacksons out there. I think as the CIS game grows, you might see more pressure for that as the RB's position has become increasingly more Canadian over the last 20 years I think you might see a trend towards the QB position now as many receivers are Canadian as well now and guys like Jason Clermont have done quite well in the CFL when a lot of teams in the past wouldn't even look at the talent that was coming out of there even if it was good.

I just don't see CIS QB's getting a shot at all in the last 12 years or so, at least not with the BC Lions that's for sure. We had Allan, Dickenson, Printers, Pierce, Jackson, Lulay. And any other 3rd strings were always American as much as I could remember as well, like Demarco or Champion.

I would really love to see them throw a CIS guy out there for a full preseason game and see what he does, do they even make it to tryouts or practice rosters? Maybe Ottawa will surprise everyone and bring in some CIS QB, who knows?

The ratio rules keep CFL teams from developing CIS QB,s

It is the occasional NCAA or NFL reject that can step onto a CFL field and compete! Even Flutie needed a couple of seasons to develop in the CFL!
One American QB comes to mind who currently is on Winnipeg's roster, and previously on the Ti-cats his name Boltus(sp), He is taking a roster spot from a equal CIS QB could have and develop!!
Perhaps this is a discrimination issue, like your post implies!!

just because you said it doesn't make it a Sane idea.

it has to start earlier than CIS my friend in order for Canadian QB's to ever have a shot at being a Starting QB in the CFL.

they need to be groomed and trained long before they reach College.

Stay off the drugs!

not going to happen.

no CIS QB today currently would be able to overtake the current CFL starters now.

they're just not ready or even close to being ready.

But in the last few years Hamilton named two ex-CIS coaches as head coaches- Greg Marshall then Marcel Belefuile.
Both fired after a couple of losing seasons, so considering the few CIS coaches that come to the CFL that's not a good winning percentage.
It should always be about experience, success and the ability to coach at a much higher level.

As for CIS QBs, come on these guys just don't have it. In the CIS they have NEVER faced a swarming NCAA type defense where the players are bigger, faster, stronger better coached. CIS QBs, don't have the experience, don't play as many games, don't have the coaching, don't go through the boot camps and training that NCAA players do.
The best Canadian football players are scouted by the NCAA, guys like Cornish come to mind that came out of Kansas. The NCAA has not spotted a Canadian QB yet and the NCAA scouts do have an eye for talent.

I agree with Drummer_god. Assistant first. You can't go from coaching boys to coaching men.